Who are justifying fun?

Here at justifying fun we aim to bring you the best articles and product advice possible. We research and find the best information and products in the world today.


We aim to justify fun because when your an adult you often need an excuse to buy something, to spend your partners money on the shared card or to disappear for a few days playing with the most exciting product or taking part in the best sports game you’ve ever played. We believe fun doesn’t have to come at a cost to your health and wellbeing, or ruin relationships. We will do our best to show you how having fun can actually be beneficial to your mental health, improve your physical wellbeing and improve your social life and relationships


We know that some people live lives which don’t allow the financial opportunity to buy exciting products but we know that for some people ‘fun’ can mean eating your next meal or knowing that your family are safely tucked up in bed, or that you’ve managed to survive another tough day and come out on the other side. People associate fun with heightened levels of exciting emotions and this is great, but also sometime people are having the most fun and enjoying life the most by being content, alive and well, or just knowing they have loving people around them who will put a smile on their face, whether this is an elderly relative or a strange passing in the street who smiles just when you need it most.