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7 Best Guinea Pig Cages (2020 reviews)

child and guinea pig ready for the best guinea pig cages

Best Guinea Pig Cages 2020 – Your Guinea Pig Will Love these. 

This article will help you choose the best Guinea pig cages for your new Guinea pig. There is nothing more exciting than having a new animal friend to play with and love and the best possible home for them.

Your Children can have their first experience of looking after another living creature. Experiencing the unconditional love and care that often grows in a relationship with a pet is wonderful.

Guinea pigs usually live longer than 5 years and sometimes up to 10 years especially if cared for properly. They have unique personalities just like humans do and when you form a bond with … Big Foot (yes, I really called my guinea pig Big Foot ! and you can call your guinea pig by an equally silly or adorable name). You can get to know all their cute habits and how to stroke and comfort them. Some guinea pigs popcorn when excited, this means they jump up and down in the spot or quickly run around as a sign of being happy.

It is important for guinea pigs to have more space to exercise in

We believe that animals living in cages should be allowed to spend lots of time in the garden ( in a secured garden where other animals can’t reach them)or a large outdoor run to exercise. We recommend these Guinea pig cages as being the best we could find available online.

Because we recommend these as the best Guinea pig cages doesn’t mean that we recommend your pets spend their whole lives inside them. It is important for pets to have more space to exercise in and explore so we have also recommended an outdoor run. This offers your guinea pig more space for running around during the day.




Midwest Guinea Habitat Guinea pig cage

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The Midwest Guinea Habitat is a reasonably cheap guinea pig cage that offers a nice 8 square foot for your guinea pig to run around and explore. A lot of guinea pig homes don’t offer enough space for exercise but the Midwest Guinea habitat is very big and the divider allows you to choose to split the space into two sections.

One section could be used for food and water and the others for sleeping. Although guinea pigs often like to sleep somewhere different to where you place their bedding area. Don’t expect your interior design skills to be appreciated either.

This small pet cage shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to put together. There is a divider and the ramp has a nice cover for easy commuting between the two different sections. It is possible to buy another cage and connect the two so a few guinea pigs can live together.

protection from any cats or predators

The Midwest Guinea habitat is high quality and the mesh roof offers robust protection from any cats or predators. You can remove the roof and the divider can be removed if you don’t want it separated into different areas. The canvas bottom is made of a nice material that is soft and durable but most importantly it doesn’t leak and can be cleaned and wiped down easily.

One of the most appealing things about the Guinea Habitat is that Midwest offer a replacement canvas, divider, panel, ramp covers and other items to purchase if you need spares or additional items. This is something we haven’t seen before and they are really good value.

Some of the best guinea pig cages for sale have been around for a long time and this is one of them. The Midwest is a proven solid and well-made cage which is very popular. The design and layout is well loved by thousands of people and their pets worldwide.

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  • There is a one-year warranty with this home, which often indicates a high-quality product and with this guinea pig cage they aren’t wrong.
  • The sides of this cage are 14 inches high which offer good protection but also isn’t so deep that you can’t easily reach inside.


  • Small pets love to chew the Velcro fasteners attached to the canvas area, but they are durable and shouldn’t damage quickly.


Trixie outdoor run

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The Trixie Outdoor Run is a brilliant lightweight enclosure for your guinea pig to run around and exercise in the garden. You won’t have to worry about your cute pets escaping. The Trixie outdoor run is made of wood and there is a pine finish that makes the frame look as though a lumberjack has chopped it fresh from a local forest. Half of the outdoor run is covered by a roof which offers some shade on sunny days and rain protection on a wet day.

The outside of this enclosure is protected with a mesh which will stop your pets escaping but isn’t necessarily going to protect them from anything trying to enter. However, this isn’t the purpose of this product, it is for keeping your pet contained in a safe area.

Both sides of this run have a hinged roof which can be opened. At the side is a door, so if your guinea pig is hiding in the corner you’ll be able to lift them out wherever they are. No matter how good their camouflage skills.

and it is made from glazed pine so shouldn’t cause any problems for your guinea pig

Inside the outdoor run is a wooden box which is open but offers the chance for animals to escape the weather and also if necessary warm up or cool down. It can be a good idea to put some hay or other guinea pig bedding in here if your pet is going to be in the enclosure for a number of hours. Inside the enclose area there is a non-slip ramp which leads onto the roof of the wooden boxed hideaway giving your guinea pig a little bit more room. There is a wooden surface to sit on if they find it more comfortable.

This frame is easy to construct and lightweight, which means it is easier to move around but might not feel as solid as you’d expect. Some people were unhappy with the frame being lightweight but this is often the case with garden pet enclosures that are likely to only be in place temporarily. Because the Trixie outdoor run is made of wood and mesh and is mostly constructed by hand there is always some margin for error.

If you have a problem with this enclosure please contact the manufacturer who will help resolve any issues. Overall, we like the size of this enclosure because it offers your guinea pig plenty of room to run around. The glazed pine frame is a good solid material that shouldn’t cause any problems for your guinea pig.

Because the Trixie outdoor run is made of wood and mesh and is mostly constructed by hand there is always some margin for error. If you have a problem with this enclosure please contact the manufacturer who will help resolve any issues. Overall, we like the size of this enclosure because it offers your guinea pig plenty of room to run around. The glazed pine frame is a good solid material that shouldn’t cause any problems for your guinea pig.


Midwest critter Nation Guinea Pig Cage

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It is important for animals to have enough space to exercise and explore. We like the Midwest Critter Nation because it offers some great use of the vertical space and is ideal if you don’t have much room horizontally. There are 4 different height platforms which are accessed by three sets of steps. Although guinea pigs don’t really climb they will happily enjoy walking up to the different levels. This is possible by using the steps which have a cover on to make it easier to climb.

it’s very easy to find your guinea pig and lift them out

The midwest critter nation is unique because it has wheels on the bottom which can be locked and then unlocked and used to very quickly and easily move it around. This is often useful for cleaning the area below the cage or moving to another room. The shelves on each different floor are adjustable and can be removed to allow for easy cleaning.

We really like the two doors that form the openings for this cage because they reach all the way from top to bottom so it’s very easy to find your guinea pig and lift them out. Underneath the cage is a storage area where the food and any other guinea pig toys or treats can be stored.


  • Guinea pig houses often undergo a lot of wear and tear and biting a chewing but this product is powder coated so will last a very long time


  • Some people were concerned this product wouldn’t be good for guinea pigs because of the inclines, however Guinea pigs quickly adapt to any environment they are in and are able to walk between the different floors, offering excitement and different perspectives on their living environment.



Trixie 2 storey hutch with attic

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The Trixie 2 storey hutch is a high-quality hardwood hutch with an excellent sloped roof that protects the hutch and your guinea pig from the rain when kept outdoors. There are two floors on this cage and the whole underneath is an open plan run with no flooring, which allows guinea pigs to exercise without any obstructions. To get to the upper floor there is a ramp which is not slippery and isn’t steep so is simple for animals to climb, unfortunately, there isn’t a fireman’s pole for them to get back down again so they’ll have to walk!

We really love how spacious this guinea pig house is

The top floor has an open section and an enclosed area for your pets to sleep and keep warm. It is a really spacious home for your guinea pig. The latch which locks the cage can be problematic so we would advise making certain it is working properly before trusting it and if required fit another lock to protect your pet. We really love how spacious this guinea pig house is and the frame is well constructed and easy to assemble when you receive it.


Living world deluxe guinea pig habitat

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The living world deluxe habitat arrives packaged nicely into the base container from which it is quickly assembled. On first impression, we really like how stylish and smart this habitat looks and it’s absolutely massive at 46 inches long, 22 inches wide and 24 inches high. The base is made of a strong plastic material which is long lasting and seems very solid. We like the ventilation on this product with lots of bars surrounding the cage and the roof, which makes this an indoor-only hutch.

a large number of people worldwide highly rate this Guinea pig cage

The tan grey colour, white bars and soft red colour of the roof bars are well designed and look great. We have researched this product and a large number of people worldwide highly rate the Living world deluxe habitat and we have found there to be very few negatives. The photographs really don’t do this cage justice, it is bigger than it looks and your pets will love all the space they have to run around. Its simplicity means cleaning it is an easy task and the solid base which is a nice height so it stops any bedding or food escaping from the hutch.

Living world deluxe guinea pig cage key features:

  • A set of simple straightforward instructions are included that make construction easy.


Ferplast Guinea Pig Cage

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We know you are looking for guinea pig homes and not a rabbit hutch, but often the larger size of a rabbit cage is better suited (or equally suited) for guinea pigs. Ferplast have produced a few different sized cages but we like the larger version best because it offers guinea pigs more space to exercise in.

One of the great features about this cage is that it is a simple wide-open design, but also includes an extension section which can be separated from the main cage with a metal railing, if you need to keep your guinea pigs apart. There is a raised platform at one end of the cage which could be used to store the food bowl but in reality, it is not very wide and guinea pigs find it better to use the platform to stretch or crawl under.

last a long time and offer some nice space for your guinea pigs to run around

Assembling this Ferplast Guinea pig home can be challenging and it doesn’t feel particularly solid or well made, although when the base is attached and connected to the main frame it does feel secure. The side entrances aren’t supported very well so don’t support the weight of the roof fully ( it won’t fall it will just bend slightly ), so we wouldn’t recommend you place a lot of things on top of the cage, in fact we would recommend with most cages, unless they are specifically built with a storage area on top, that you avoid placing anything on top to try and increase the longevity of the cage.

Overall this is a large cage which is good value for money and although not as high quality or fancy as some other cages it will still last a long time and offer some nice space for your guinea pigs to run around. It is also fairly easy to clean and the doors open wide meaning you can pick up your pets quite easily.

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Kaytee Guinea Pig Home EZ Clean System

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If you are looking for smaller guinea pig houses then the Kaytee EZ clean system is just below the average size available. We like your pets to have as much room as possible and therefore we don’t like to recommend cages that are too small. However, the most important thing is to be sure your guinea pigs are getting lots of exercise, so a small cage can be good if you still let your guinea pigs exercise in a run or in your garden or house for at least a few hours every day.

Although small, this home is very well made and the wheels on the case give it some clearance from the ground which is always a good thing and the option of quickly moving it to another position if you need to clean any items that have fallen, or your guinea pig has thrown (with its mouth…. accidentally of course! We know your guinea pigs are well trained), underneath. The plastic sides are raised fairly high so it is unlikely anything will fall out of the sides and the connectors that seal the cage are designed so they can’t be chewed off.

Cleaning this cage is easy

There is a sloped ramp that looks impressive and a small upper floor if your guinea pigs are brave enough to climb up (they usually prefer to hide underneath ramps or upper floors). There are no holes in the ramp so that is good for small animals whose feet can sometimes slip through ramps or ladders which have lots of gaps. Cleaning this cage is easy because of the materials it is made from and the bottom shelf. Overall this is a good guinea pig cage that a lot of people find great value for money.


Are these Guinea Pig Cages Safe ?


When looking for the best guinea pig cages please be sure that the cage is suitable for your Guinea Pigs and the materials won’t irritate them. Cedar wood is used to build some pet enclosures and can irritate and harm guinea pigs so it’s advised to avoid products made of cedar wood.

It is advisable to contact the manufacturer if you have any concerns over the materials the guinea pig cages are made from. We have researched and believe the cages we have recommended are safe for guinea pigs. If you have any concerns please let the manufacturer answer them.

Why we like these guinea pig cages:

Buying a guinea pig is a big long-term decision so it is important to make sure you are committed to looking after them and loving your new friend to the best of your ability. For the next 5 years or more your guineas pig will be relying solely on you to feed them. You will have to clean out their bedding and provide them with a warm safe environment to exercise in.

We hope our recommended choices of the best guinea pig cages for sale will help your guinea pig enjoy their life in your home. Pets allow children to express their emotions and be compassionate, gentle and caring. People love to talk to their pets, give adorable names and stroke them gently, finding where their new friend most likes to be stroked.

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