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Best gymnastics hand care kits – Rip Balms reviewed

Best gymnastics hand care kits reviewed – Rip Balm Reviews

When you practice gymnastics often, especially on the bars, you’ll know what it feels like when your hands begin to dry out and small rips appear. Often these rips become so painful that you can’t grip onto the gymnastics bars without feeling discomfort.

gymnast taking care of hands

Our recommended gymnastics rip balms will keep your hands protected so you can practice gymnastics with a comfortable grip. In order to test these gymnastics hand care kits fully we performed gymnastics frequently but also used outdoor monkey bars and fitness bars with a rough surface to make sure our hands were dry and rough so that we could really see if the rip balms could offer the hand care solution we were looking for.



WodWelder 3 Step Hand Care Kit


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Wodwelder are our favourite gymnastics hand care brand because their gymnastics hand care kit really works for us. The Wodwelder 3 piece hand care kit is made with natural ingredients but most importantly actually makes a difference and helps both repair and prevent your skin tearing.

1️⃣ Hand Cream

The Wodwelder hand cream is a thick cream that once opened gives off a gentle minty aroma with a hint of eucalyptus oil that fades quickly. The scent is pleasant but most importantly isn’t overpowering. Wodwelders hand cream feels thick and soft but firm to touch. During application it isn’t oily and doesn’t disappear instantly like some cheaper hand creams.

The Wodwelder hand cream will replenish moisture to your hands and calluses. We mostly used it a while after having applied the salve to our calluses or before bed to soothe and prevent bleeding or tearing of the skin. With regular use we noticed our calluses had become much less prominent and our dry hands became softer without feeling sticky.

If you are regularly in cold conditions, on the snow or ice skating then the hand cream can also prevent your hand from becoming too dry.

2️⃣ Salve

The salve is a stick, a little bit like a prick stick glue. Pop it into your pocket and make sure it’s ready beside you for your next gymnastics meet. After performing on the kip bar or uneven bars your hands quickly dry out from the friction and the chalk which makes maintaining a comfortable grip challenging. Apply the thick silky Wodwelder salve regularly as soon as you finish exercising, or during if necessary.

This salve definitely made a difference in our gymnastics workouts. It seems to coat and fill in the small rips that appear around the calluses, making gripping much more comfortable. Healing happens quickly and within a day or two you’ll notice a big difference.


3️⃣ Pumice Stone

This pumice stone is long lasting and files down calluses exceptionally well. Regular use of a pumice stone helps keep your calluses low and prevents them easily tearing. Wodwelders natural pumice stone is durable and files down calluses with it’s naturally rough texture.


wodwelder handcare kit for gymnastics



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