Best toddler basketball hoop for kids

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The Best Toddler Basketball Hoop For Kids

The best toddler basketball hoop for kids should offer a FUN introduction to the sport of basketball.

We are going to recommend some kids basketball hoops suitable for toddlers and some Larger hoops up to regulation height for older kids.

Toddlers don’t need to know the rules they just want to learn and play and have a fun time. As they grow into bigger kids they’ll start to progress to training drills, slam dunks and dribbling the ball.

In order for a child to progress and love the game of basketball, making sure the game is accessible and easy for toddlers to get involved in from a young age is highly important.

We have created a list of the best hoops suitable for children that we could find starting from 2 feet high and reaching up to 10 feet. The larger hoops are for older kids who need a greater challenge in order to improve their skills and have fun with friends.

Top 10 Choices –



1Little Tikes easy score Basketball Hoop For Kids

Our Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7/5 

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Best features of the Little Tikes easy score 

  • The basketball goal height can easily be adjusted between 2 and 4 feet high
  • Giant basketball net rim – making it easier for kids to score
  • 3 kids Basketballs included which is great for free throw pratice

Age recommendation – 18 months – 5 years


We love that the Little Tikes easy score basketball hoop actually makes scoring a basket and slam dunking much easier for toddlers and kids. When first playing a basketball game it takes a while to learn the coordination skills and to build enough arm strength to be able to shoot hoops accurately. This is why a kids basketball hoop should encourage kids to build confidence by making scoring easier and more fun.

The Little Tikes Easy score is made in the USA with high quality plastic materials. The 3 inflatable basketballs look realistic and are light enough for toddlers to throw upwards. We think the blue red and white colours look great and are appealing for children who love warm bright colours. The backboard is big and solid so your little Michael Jordan NBA superstar can throw the small basketballs against it as hard as they like and attempt a bank shot.

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The base unit can be filled with water or sand in order to ensure it doesn’t wobble or tip over if kids pull on the net. If they don’t then it isn’t always necessary to fill the base with anything but we recommend it is filled for added stability. If toddlers pull on the net it can easily come loose, but can be fastened on again quickly.

slam dunk and shoot hoops

If we had to sum this children’s basketball hoop up we would say it is great value, exceptionally well made and lots of fun. Your children can start throwing balls at 18 months learning new motor skills and when they reach 5 years old the hoop will have grown with them and they will be able to slam dunk and shoot hoops from a distance .



In order to make sure the hoop is fastened securely, lay the frame and hoop on the floor and press it into place with your foot.



2Little Tikes Totsports Easy Score 

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Best Features

  • Bright pink colour scheme perfect for girls
  • Adjustable basketball goal height up to 5 foot perfect for toddlers up to the age of 5
  • Soft plastic durable frame and responsive backboard

The little Tikes Totsports is another Little Tikes basketball hoop that we think is great. The pink colour scheme means your little girl can have a lot of fun and potentially become the next WBNA star like Diana Taurasi

safe product

In 5 minutes the Totsports kids hoop can be assembled to the height most suitable for your child’s training. The soft plastic means this is a safe product but also durable and long lasting. We like that there are 3 basketballs included ( 6 inch diameter when inflated fully) so your kids can practice their dribbling skills and shoot 3 hoops without having to collect the basket balls.

We know that girls love to throw balls and play basketball just as much as boys. The little Tikes Totsports basketball set will appeal to them because it is pretty, easy to score baskets and fun for practising skills both indoors and outdoors.



3Little Tikes Adjust And Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop

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Best features of the Little Tikes Adjust and Jam pro 

  • Adjustable basketball hoop height between 4 foot and 6 foot tall
  • One ball included
  • Solid plastic construction and large backboard


We really like the blue / grey pole and base on this junior basketball hoop. Because of the height of the basket we would recommend this as a good choice for kids aged between 3 and 7. Once kids get older than 7 they would be best using a full-size basketball and taller hoop in order to practice the vertical jump and slam dunks.

The backboard is large and the included ball bounces nicely off it. Stability is good if you fill the base with sand or water.

Although reaching 6 foot tall this product is still aimed at toddlers and kids because of the plastic build and small ball. The ball is quite bouncy and can’t be held the same way a full-size ball can be. Because the backboard is big and solid the bouncy ball allows for lots of fun rebound play.

The breakaway rim allows for exciting slam dunks without the rim bending or breaking. Little Tikes have produced another great kids basketball hoop for children looking to have fun and move towards a larger full size basket as they grow.



4 Lifetime Double Shot Basketball Game

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Best features:

  • Fun and fast arcade basketball game with electronic scoring system
  • Solid steel constructed junior basketball hoops
  • 7 balls included and a pump
  • Quickly folds for easy storage

The lifetime double shot is an arcade style basketball set with two hoops so 2 players can play together. The two hoops are attached to a frame with a nylon ramp below them to send the balls quickly back so you can throw again. Kids can compete throwing the 7 inch diameter basketballs towards the hoops in order to score baskets.

We love playing this game in the arcade and having it at home, folded in the corner and easily assembled within minutes is exciting. The whole family and all your friends will love practising scoring into one of the two steel rimmed baskets that are 12 inches in diameter, which is a good size for the 7-inch balls, making it not too easy and not overly difficult.

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In order to keep score both rims have an optical scoring sensor to tell you when one of the players has scored a basket. The scores add up on the central scoreboard and you have to shoot as many hoops as possible in order to beat your opponent who can throw baskets simultaneously.

It can take a little bit of patience and time to construct this basketball set, but once constructed you’ll be more than happy that it’s a high-quality basketball set.

Most importantly this product offers a lot of fun as well as improving skills.


  • On the back of the sensors there are some dials which can be used to adjust the sensitivity.
  • If you are experiencing problems with the sensor counting too many baskets when you have only scored one even after adjusting the sensitivity. It is possible to move the bottom sensor by drilling a hole (approximately 5/8 inches ) just below the hoop and fitting it in place there. It might be worth contacting lifetime before attempting this in order to make sure it is performed correctly.
  • Make sure you pump up the basketballs regularly with the included pump because over a number of weeks they will gradually deflate.



During Use: 90 inches length x 51 inches wide x 90 inches high

Folded Away:  51 inches length x 41 inches wide x 90 inches high

Backboard – 48 inches x 22 inches




5Fisher Price Grow To Pro Junior Basketball Set

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This is the best toddler basketball hoop that has a removable raised and sloped rim that can be attached to the hoop. This makes scoring baskets much easier for youngsters still learning to throw accurately. Once your kids become little WNBA or NBA stars, it is possible to very easily remove this larger rim to increase the challenge and improve skills and accuracy.

The colour scheme is attractive, fun and appealing for kids. An adjustable pole means that the basket height can be raised to four different positions from approximately 25 inches up to a maximum height of 40 inches. At the lowest height it isn’t necessary to fill the base with sand and water to keep it stable but when your kids grow and it is raised higher, filling the base is important so it won’t topple over.

A small ball is included and is comfortable to grip and throw into the hoop. We would recommend you buy an air pump to keep the ball inflated to ensure it bounces and rebounds correctly off the backboard.


6Sklz Pro Mini 

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The Sklz pro mini basketball hoop for kids is a heavy-duty door mounted basket.  Most of us don’t have their own basketball court indoors so it’s nice to have a hoop attached to the door in order to play when sat in your living room or shoot some hoops when lay on your bed or even in the office.

…Maybe LeBron James started playing basketball this way?

Some kids and adults alike just can’t get enough of this sport and having a portable basketball system that can easily be unscrewed and attached to a different door or brought into the office for some fun office games.

We like the clear plastic flexible backboard and solid metal hoop. If someone jumps on it while performing a vertical jump or slam dunks too enthusiastically a spring ensure the hoop folds inwards and doesn’t bend. The net looks good quality but doesn’t make a swish sound.

The thick rubber pads at the back of the backboard ensure no damage is done to your door or wall. Although, it might be worth purchasing a foam ball rather than the included rubber ball, because the rubber can sometimes scrape paint off the door.

This product is heavy duty so make sure your door is solid and able to handle the impact. If using a foam ball, the noise and impact will be greatly reduced, although a rubber ball reacts differently off the backboard so be sure to improve your accuracy and field goal skills.



7Spalding NBA Slam Jam Kids basketball hoop

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The NBA slam jam has a scaled down ¼ inch of regulation size NBA backboard measuring 18 inches x 10.5 inches. We love the quality of this door hanging basket and the NBA logo means this is a really cool gift for NBA fans.

 We love that this product is attached to the top of your door and can be secured without the need for any screws or attachments, simply by hanging it over the door.  Your kids can perform a vertical jump and try to slam dunk and as long as they don’t hang from the hoop it can handle a lot of slams and field goals.

A cool 4” Spalding NBA logo basketball is included which is good quality and the official ball used in the NBA league. Spalding produced the first ever basketball and continue to produce the official NBA basketball today.

We think even lebron James or Michael Jordan would like how good a replica the hoop and ball are to the ones used in the NBA.




8RAMgoal Kids Basketball Hoop And Ball

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What we like about the RAMgoal

  • Brilliant adjustable breakaway rim
  • High-quality rim and backboard
  • 5 inch leather ball included
  • Adjustable height between 6 different positions

 The Ramgoal indoor basketball hoop is high quality and comparable in size to outdoor sets, with a 24 inch  x 16 inch backboard. The excellent realistic breakaway rim allows for fun slam dunk play and action between friends and teammates. A breakaway rim is a feature found on any real indoor hoop and means the rim will move down slightly when pulled on a little bit during play.

An adjustable rim is a unique and useful feature as well as the nice extended distance between the wall and the basket of approximately 9 inches, allowing nice space to play with slam dunks.

The 9-inch rim, which is half the regulation size, means the slightly smaller than standard sized ball is perfect and great for kids to train and practice their skills.

RAMgoal have some excellent customer service with a real personal touch. If you experience any problems they operate one of the best customer services we have come across.



9Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball System

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The Lifetime 1221 pro court is a kids basketball hoop for the backyard. This hoop is also suitable for adults because it can be raised from 7.5 foot to 10 feet, in 6 inch increments. 10 feet is the full-size regulation NBA height.

An outdoor hoop is great so you and your kids can practice dribbling around the yard and shooting field goals from a greater distance. As your children gain more skills they can learn the fadeway or a bank shot. The rim is solid steel and does not breakaway. The backboard is 44inches and very solid so it can handle as much impact as you can throw at it.

The base can be filled with water or sand in order to make sure it stays in place and doesn’t fall over. Once full it is still possible to move it with a little bit of effort, because of the wheels on the base. Overall this is a high-quality product that is suitable for keeping outdoors and won’t easily rust in the rain.

If your kids want a full size basketball goal to play with then this is a very good solid choice. Please be aware that you will have to spend an hour or more assembling it, but it is worth the effort.



Our Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5

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The silverback is the ultimate full-size basketball hoop for your driveway or garden. Your kids won’t ever come inside again once you install the silverback in ground basketball hoop


The 60 inch tempered glass backboard is absolutely stunning to look at and is the real deal. Michael Jordan couldn’t ask for anything better, it’s that good. The ball rebounds and reacts perfectly off the fibreglass backboard. If you were to play down the local court you wouldn’t find a basket this good. This isn’t the best toddler basketball hoop, but with an easily adjustable frame

All this quality and the thick solid 6×6 inch pole means that this pole needs to be installed into the ground. If you like you can pay extra and have it assembled for you. When installing it yourself be sure to follow the instructions correctly and make sure there is enough space to play

Basketball goals for sale – Important things to consider before purchasing the best toddler basketball hoop for kids.

  • Make sure you consider the height of the product and ensure it will be suitable for your child. Be sure to choose an adjustable hoop for kids who might outgrow a smaller one.
  • This is a fun sport for all the family to get involved in but throwing balls around the house can become dangerous if ornaments and other objects are placed nearby to the hoop.
  • Some people refer to these products as a toddler basketball goal however we prefer hoop or basket
  • A court offers a lot of space to run around and throw and slam the ball firmly. In your home or garden care has to be taken to ensure things don’t get broken when an air ball goes flying past the goal or a bank shot deflects in the wrong direction or further than expected.

Basketball Hoop height

The regulation height in the NBA and WBNA is 10 feet high. However at one point they were considering raising the height to 12ft high because of taller players. This article is an interesting read about the possibility that the hoop rim height could have been higher.

The products we have reviewed range in height from 2 foot up to the maximum regulation 10 foot height. Choosing the right hight is made easy with many of the products having adjustable hoops that can move between several different heights for maximum adjustablity and choice that works best for your kids.





When a toddler starts playing basketball, it isn’t because they love to watch the NBA. Instead it is a chance for them to have lots of fun while learning to improve coordination skills and throw balls using hand eye coordination. Coordinating the hands and eyes comes naturally but needs to be developed through consistent practice and hands on experience.


Toddlers love to laugh and try new exciting activities. When they manage to complete a new task or acquire new skills, they feel a significant sense of achievement and happiness


When kids start to reach the age of 6 or 7 they can begin to learn to dribble the ball properly.  It is important to learn to grip the ball correctly, using appropriate stance and balance in order to learn good form and follow through when shooting at the hoop.

 basketball court in the sun

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