Best Gymnastics Bars For Sale – Ultimate Guide

Gymnastic Bars For Sale – Reviewed

Who would believe having a gymnastics bar for home practice would be possible

Well, it is and most bars can be dismantled and stored away so they don’t take up much space.

Now your children can quickly improve their Kip and advance quickly with all the gymnastics bar skills in the comfort and safety of your own home.

It is very important to have gymnastics bars at home especially when your children are working through the lower levels and need to practice their form and build up strength and increase the amount of exercise they need to do. We have also reviewed cheese matstumbling mats and stall bars, which are also great if you are looking for gymnastics equipment for home practice.

Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar

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What we like about the Tumble Trak Junior Pro:

  • Ideal bar for children looking to practice and exercise at home
  • Very quick to assemble and store away without any tools
  • Long side floor supports for great stability

The tumbl trak pro is ideal for gymnasts who would love more practice time at home. The frame is steel and the bar is made of beech wood, making it strong and durable. Because the bar is made of wood it is very smooth and is slick enough for consistent grip during the kip and for smooth swinging, sliding and turns.

An increased length of the side support bars on the floor means that stability Is very good and there is very little flexing or movement which allow for consistent performance of the kip.

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The wooden bar is very durable but not weatherproof so please cover it with a waterproof sheet if being left outdoors. Ideally the tumbl trak junior pro should be kept indoors, which is made easy because it can be dismantled quickly.

The rubber mounts on the base allow for a good grip on wooden floor, solid tiles and carpets.

Deciding whether to purchase the blue or purple/pink bar is usually an easy decision for kids who often know immediately what they like. Whichever they choose, the enamel paint will ensure it stays colourful for a long time

Required Space:

  • Storage is easy- there are 4 large plastic knobs that can be turned quickly without tools
  • 4-foot-wide x 6 foot long
  • Adjustable height of 38-59 inches high

Mat recommendation:

  • Between 4 and 6 inch thickness underneath

Weight limit: 125lb

Are tools required : no they aren’t. The frame is connected using large black plastic screws that can be turned by hand and everything needed is included. 


Z Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar

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What We Like:

  • Strong steel construction and high 130lb weight limit
  • Similar rail to competition standard FIG approved.

The z athletic is great for exercise and moving up through the levels. We know kids have enjoyed doing level 4 glide swings and front hip circles on this bar. We are impressed with the high quality build and how solid the construction is. An extension kit is available which gives added stability and is worth purchasing if your child is going to be working up towards levels 5 or 6 in the near future.

If your child is able to continuously spin around the bar with some force it might be a good idea bolting to the floor so there isn’t any movement of the frame at all. This frame is constructed using heavy and sturdy steel and the triangular shape of the supports ensures it won’t tip over

The wooden bar isn’t as smooth as we would like when first using, but soon it begins to smooth out so your hands glide nicely and don’t stick. The height can easily be adjusted, but you will need two people working together.

Colour – Available in blue pink and purple.

Max Weight: 130lb weight

How much room does The Z athletic take up?

  • 4.2 foot by 4.2 foot of space required.
  • Adjustable height between 36 and 59 inches.

Norbert’s Athletic Products Gymnastics Mini Bar

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What we like most:

  • Easy to put up and take down quickly

Norberts Athletic have produced a quality horizontal bar that is very simple to adjust between 38 and 58 inches high. The main bar is made from maple wood and the 1.5 inch diameter means that children can grip more easily.

The weight limit is 100lbs so is ideal for younger children working up towards level 3 and 4.

A lot of people like to know that these gymnastics bars for home can be used for the Kip and this one definitely can but if your child is 60lb+ it will move if they are flipping around the bar at speed so an extension or sand bags on the floor supports will allow for more higher level gymnastics moves.

The quality of this product is very high and even though we would like the support legs to be a little longer it is great for kids learning and progressing through the first few gymnastics levels, exercising or having fun.

  • Weight limit 100 lbs
  • Standard size gym mat can be used beneath.

Nimble sports Purple Junior Adjustable Horizontal Bar

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Nimble sports, are a USA based company who also produce their products in the united states.

Kids will have lots of fun putting on their gymnastics leotards and performing the kip, front hip circles and other moves on this awesome purple bar.

We really like how easy the Nimble sports horizontal bar is to move around. It doesn’t fold as it is a solid structure but it is light at around 45lbs.

The bar itself is 1 ½ inches round and the maximum weight it will hold is 100lb. If your child is nearing the maximum weight or advancing to level 4+ and wanting to use the bar for more advanced skills then consider sand bags or extensions on the supporting legs.

Height adjustment:

  • 5 different height settings between 36-60 inches high

Joom Beem Pink Adjustable (3′-5′) Horizontal Bar and 8ft Folding Mat Balance Beam Combo Gym Set

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This is the ultimate package for kids that love gymnastics and your chance to become the world’s greatest parents and never hear your children complain ever again.

The 8 foot long beam itself is a clever design, with a comfortable surface and solid support. The joom Beem can be folded away quickly and easily for storage.

The three support assemblies that support the beam are strong and the surface of the beam is comfortable to stand on. We like the colour and it is good for practicing hops and jump drills.

The bars are constructed using strong steel and we like the tone of the pink colour. The maximum recommended weight is 150lb which is considerably higher than a lot of the bars we have reviewed. It can be adjuted to between 36 inches and a maximum height of 60 inches

The gymnastics mat is 4 inches thick and 8 foot by 4 foot so it fits perfectly under the bar

Joom beam had a manufacturing issue a few years ago and a faulty batch was produced but since then their quality control has increased and they offer replacement parts free of charge if you have any problems. Considering the vast majority of people love the Joom beam and experience no problems at all we will definitely recommend it especially with the 5 year warranty.

Nimble Sports 3 Play Horizontal Bars

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The Nimble sports 3 play horizontal bars can be adjusted very quickly and used for three different gymnastics disciplines. Adjusting the heights is easiest and changing the width requires a little more effort but isn’t difficult.

Adjust both bars to the same height and you can practice your artistic gymnastics parallel bar routines, learn the different grips and practice turns and successfully land dismounts.

If you want to practise on the uneven bars, the bars can be raised separately so one is higher than the other. Height can be set starting at the lowest height of 36 inches ( 3 foot ) and raised to 42, 48, 54 and a maximum height of 60 inches ( 5 foot)

The width between bars can be set to 5 different widths between 18 inches at the closest and 30 inches at the widest.

Tumbl Trak 5 in 1 Gymnastics Bar

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The Tumbl Trak 5 in 1 gymnastics bars for kids are versatile and can be used as parallel bars, mini uneven bars, a wall station, single bar or double horizontal bars.

Swinging on these bars is fun and kids will love being able to practice different gymnastics skills with so many different positions for the bars and also a good height adjustment system between 38 and 59 inches.

It is possible, to position the two bars approximately 6 foot apart and let two kids practice at the same time on two separate single kip bars. When first attempting to adjust the height of these bars they are going to be a little bit stiff, but this will soon ease and some lubricant will make them quickly become easier to adjust.

We were impressed with the quality of the metal and wood on these bars and they are very sturdy up to the maximum weight of 125lb. These  some of the highest quality gymnastics bars for kids to practice and improve on with home use

Suitable for training for these disciplines

  • Uneven bars
  • Parallel bars
  • Horizontal bars

Gym 2 Dance Gymnastics Bar

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Gym 2 dance have focused on engineering a stable bar made of solid hardwood that feels comfortable to grip onto. Gym 2 dance advised us that they have included double thick steel tie plates for additional strength and that the overall size covering 57″ x 53″ floor space, improves stability without the need for extensions.

With height adjustments possible between 3 and 5 foot, the locking mechanism is easy to adjust and locks into place securely.

If your gymnast is growing taller or heavier and swinging is producing some unwanted movement, Gym 2 dance have provided some instructions on their website for making your own extensions to improve stability.

We really like this advice and the willingness to provide good customer service. We can’t comment on how effective the extension is but the instructions seem clear and it makes sense that their suggestions would provide some extra support.

Milliard Kip Bar – Pro Flex

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Wow!, this is a new addition to our article and this Milliard gymnastic kip bar is absolutely awesome and blows away a lot of the competiton. If your children are gymnasts and love the bar, this is a wonderful choice with a high grade build.

Firstly, lets check out the appearance. There is a choice of Teal or Hot pink colours. Both are bold and have a striking good looking appearance with the stylish looking brand name flex milliard printed on the frame. The frame itself looks solid and the black section that moves when adjusting the height, looks much better with a darker tone than we usually see.

The weight limit is high at 140lbs and no need for extension legs because of the design is what Milliard claim and we are happy to agree that it definitely performs even when used by older children closer to the upper weight limit. Of course caution has to be taken if they are a high level gymnast who is heavy and swings with a lot of strength and power, but even then we think the milliard flex would be good and a lot of people agree with it’s quality and how safe it feels.

The maple and fiberglass bar feels very smooth to hold onto and during pratice the bar flexes nicely very close to what you would expect in competition.

Unusually Milliard have listed a minimum height limit of 2.5 ft and a mximum height of 5ft5 for gymnasts using the bar in order for them to perform without hitting the mat below while gliding.

Now we have told you about this high quality choice why not try some of the following exercises on it: Skin the cat, leg cuts, casts, milk circles, chin up pullover, hip circles, kip drills and the glide swing.

FAQ Section

Cheap Gymnastics bars

Some of the bars we have recommended are cheap gymnastics bars when you consider the quality of the product and how long they will last. Your childrens safety is most important when performing gymnastics and you want to make sure these home gym bars are going to last for years to come and will be safe and secure.

Points to consider before purchasing the best gymnastics equipment for home use


If you ever find a bar isn’t smooth enough consider sanding it down a little bit, but definitely wait until you’ve used it for a while first because these bars should smoothen out by themselves after use.


These products come with individual guidance relating to their height.

Maximum weight

Be sure that your children weigh less than the maximum weight. The lower they are below the weight the more higher level exercises they will be able to perform

How to perform a smooth glide

While gliding, you are pressing the bar as far away from you as possible in order to keep the arms and shoulders extended so the extension is retained throughout the glide. Head position is highly important and understanding how it should feel but also, gripping the bar correctly and not on the finger tips is important.

Where to buy gymnastics equipment?

Amazon sell the majority of gymnastics equipment available online. It is also possible to find second hand gymnastics equipment being sold at gymnastics clubs or online, but we recommend it is worth purchasing new equipment if you can afford to because then you have the security of a warranty and can be sure the bar has been used appropriately and not damaged in any way.

What are kids gymnastics bars?

If your child is taking gymnastics classes they will be able to tell you what they are. There are uneven, parallel, kip and horizontal bars that are used for practising specific fun gymnastics exercises in order to progress and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Gymnastics bars for sale under $100 dollar

It isn’t possible to find some gymnastics bars under $100 but the products we have reviewed are priced reasonably for the quality of bar you will be receiving. These bars are made to last a very long time and therefore it is a worthwhile investment even if they aren’t under $100

Is home gymnastics equipment for girls and boys?

it is, both girls and boys can practice their skills on these bars. The only difference between girls and boys gymnastics is as they progress boys work towards Olympic disciplines like the rings whereas girls might focus more on beam skills.

Different Gymnastics Bar Disciplines

People often get confused about the different bar disciplines in gymnastics. Hopefully, this section will clarify what they are.

Gymnastics Uneven Bars

The gymnastics Uneven bars are a discipline that is part of the women’s artistic gymnastics event at the Olympics. To put it simply there are two bars that can be adjusted between 4 ft 3 and 6 foot 2 apart, depending on the athlete’s size and preference. The higher bar will always be 8.2 foot high and the lower is 5.6 foot high.

Routines on the uneven bars involve swinging, spinning 360 degrees around the bar and jumping between the bars using a smooth flight element.

Parallel Bars gymnastics

One of the men’s artistic event involved the parallel bars. This event involved two bars running parallel to each other. They are positioned 6 foot 6 above the ground, and the distance between them can be adjusted between 17 and 20 inches.

The parallel bars require a lot of strength because you will be holding your body weight and performing strength and static holds. It is also necessary to swing whilst the body is supported and to dismount and land correctly in order to score high points.

Horizontal bar ( high bar)

The high bar can be one of the most intimidating disciplines in Olympic gymnastics. The term can also be used to refer to training bars like the kip bar which basically means one bar. These training bars aren’t anywhere near the intimidating 109 inches high that the official Olympic bar is set at. Exercises on the high bar are very energetic and look very much like circus acrobatics.


We believe these gymnastics bars that are available for sale to the general public are going to really improve your kids training, fitness and practice. Although gymnasts have to focus quite seriously on the exercises they perform, it is important to have fun whilst doing so in order to be able to relax and not feel tense when swinging high above the ground or performing challenging exercises that involve a lot of nerve and overcoming fear.

If your children love gymnastics they will love these bars in their own home where they can improve at the same time as laughing and getting fit and healthy. You will be able to watch them progress and enjoy seeing their skills improve as they swing and build up more strength on the bar

We have also written an article about gymnastics gifts and the benefits of gymnastics.


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