Best Gymnastics Gifts – Ultimate guide


We have selected some of the best gymnastics gifts so that you can make your loves ones, children, friends or gymnastics coach smile.

We have separated our gymnastics gift ideas into different sections depending on who you are looking to buy them for.

If you are looking for gymnastics equipment then check out our review of the best cheese mats, Gymnastics panel mats and gymnastics bars. All three of these can make a wonderful and meaningful gift that will last for years to come.

Gymnastics Coach Gifts


gymnastics coach

Your coach has helped you or your children progress from wobbly handstands to being able to perform back handsprings on the beam. Every step of the way they have helped you push passed any fears you might have whilst having fun and making friends. Without a coach any gymnast will struggle to improve and reach a level where they can compete.

Christmas tree ornament for coach

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Christmas is the time of year for thinking about the people you appreciate the most. Those who have helped you overcome difficult challenges and showed you that you can achieve more then you thought possible, with their helping hand.

This silver snowman with crystals on is a charm that can be hung on a Christmas tree so your coach feels appreciated for all the help they have given you and skills you have learnt from them.

Super cool gymnastics coach t shirt

These cotton t-shirts are fun, lightweight and will be sure to make your gymnastics coach laugh. This is one our favourite gymnastics coach gifts because it is fun, light-hearted and everyone needs an entertaining t-shirt.

Simply the best coach – Picture Frame

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Make sure you’ve taken lots of pictures during gym and competitions. Whether you’ve won anything or not, it’s always nice to have a photo of your team mates and coach to look back and remember those fun times when you tumbled off the beam or slipped off the bar during a kip and the coach and your team mates were there to help you back up and motivate you to carry on.

Your coach will love this gift because photos bring back memories that will last a lifetime.


Gymnastics Gifts For Girls



girls in gymnastics class


Gymnastics Bangle Bracelet

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The bangle has a charm which says she believed she could so she did. Belief is really important in gymnastics. Fear is bound to appear in your mind before performing, especially on the bars or beam. The only way to overcome this is to believe and use the fear and adrenaline to perform to your best ability.

We think this charm is cute and the little figure of a gymnast, I heart gymnastics charm and the motivational slogan make this a nice gift for your friends, daughter or any girls who love gymnastics.

Customizable Gymnastics Bag

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This nicely sized gym bag has to be customized with a name printed on the side. This is really exciting and fun for gymnasts who like their own personalised equipment that they’ll never lose again. There is a shoe compartment and lots of space for gym and dance clothes. We are impressed with the quality and this bag is strong and should last a long time.

Silver Tone Crystal Gymnastics Heart Charm

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Gymnastics Christmas Gifts



Simone Biles Book Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance

This Simone Biles gymnastics book is well written and shows the journey Simone Biles took from a challenging early childhood in foster care to reach and win at the Olympics. Her background story is interesting and this book is easy to read and is inspirational for anyone currently working through their gymnastics levels, or for those who enjoy to watch and love the sport.


Kurt Adler gymnastics Christmas tree ornaments

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Hanging one of these two Kurt Adlers gymnastic Christmas tree ornaments on your tree will make sure any gymnasts in your family will be reminded of their passion and enjoy decorating the tree with you.


Gymnastics Gifts For Kids


Barbie Gymnast

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Barbie has her own balance beam and landing mat. Place her on the beam and press to make the cute Barbie gymnast fly up into the air like an acrobat and land on the mat. Toddlers will absolutely love this well made, adorable fun Barbie gymnast  toy.



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