Gymnastics Leotards For Girls Reviewed

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Gymnastics Leotards – Justifying Fun Reviews The Best Gymnastics Leotards For Girls


GK Leotards – Glitz & Glam Gymnastics Leotard


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Elite Sportswear owned GK have designed and created a wonderful selection of Gymnastics Leotards. The glitz and glam leotard comes in two different colour designs that fade from blue to black or pink to purple. We love the rhinestone print design with the simple elegant lines and fun appealing sparkles. Real rhinestones can end up falling off or press against your skin when on gymnastics apparatus so the print design on this leotard is  a practical choice.

The fabrics are soft against your skin and made of good quality materials that hug you comfortably and don’t ride up as you perform gymnastics. Gk leotards are worn by the USA gymnastics team and have established themselves as the most popular brand for  gymnasts looking for the best gymnastics leotard.



BAOHULU Girls Gymnastics Leotard

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BAOHULU’s gymnastics leotard is beautifully crafted using diamond rhinestone elegant curved patterns that girls love. We think the design is a little tribal and the combination of blues are aquatic and blend nicely.

If you are looking for a true to fit comfortable and soft fabric that doesn’t irritate your skin, the BAOHULU gymnastics leotard is a wonderful option.



Lizatards Different Tank Leotard

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Lizatards name comes from some fun word play with the founders name Liz. This small family owned company specialise in creating unique and interesting leotard designs. We have had so much fun seeing girls smile at all the creative designs that are available. Choose from one of the following exciting designs.


Digital Butterfly


Polka Dot Donut

Star Pop Purple

The first design is more for competition but the other designs are so much fun to wear when practising at the gym or on your home gymnastics equipment. Lizatards gymnastics leos are made using 80% nylon and 20% spandex which means they stretch, fit your body and are a great piece of active wear that move with your body while you are having fun performing gymnastics.



Madsportsstuff Leotard

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Madsportstuff leotards are some of the maddest and most bling filled gymnastic leotard designs we have ever seen.

Expect all the kids to be dazzled and amazed by these unique and exciting designs. Each design is cut with a keyhole cut on the back of the garment and a modest cut on the leg to more comfortably fit an active gymnast.

All the girls had a lot of difficulty choosing which leo they liked the best because they are all very pretty and sparkling. Madsportsstuff have used quality spandex that is flexible and holds enough stretch so you can be sure of a comfortable irritation free fit. When moving around performing handstands, back handsprings and holding your weight on a kip bar, your outfit is going through a lot of different motions. Gymnasts often complain about the leo rubbing against their skin of itching, but the soft fabrics Madsportsstuff have used are comfortable and shouldn’t cause any discomfort.


Alpha Factor Leotards

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Alpha factor elegance leotard is one of the highest quality professional looking design we have seen. Your gymnasts will feel like Olympic champions wearing these high quality designs. In gymnastics circle, Alpha factor have made a name for themselves as being a professional brand used by elite gymnasts and Olympic champions around the world.

Former Olympic champion Shannon Miller supports the brand with her own exclusive collections and we love the quality designs that are modest and look beautiful. If you want your gymnasts to look and feel like world champions then Alpha Factor are the goto leotard brand. The materials are durable, comfortable and easy to put on with the pull on closure.




Toddler Gymnastics leotards

Most Leotards come in a selection of sizes that often range from toddlers gymnastics leotards to teenagers leotards. Be sure to check the sizing chart and make sure the design is fun and comfortable for toddlers to wear. Toddlers grow fast so buying at least one size larger than their current size is a good idea.


Rhythmic gymnastics leotards

Rhythmic gymnastics leotards are often the same as regular gymnastics leotards. Rhythmic gymnasts often like to wear elaborate and fun leotards so make sure you choose an exciting design. Certain brands have designs specifically for rhythmic gymnastics so keep an eye out for these.


Gymnastics Leotards Cheap


There are so many gymnastics leotards brands to choose from that you will definitely be able to find a cheap option that is within your budget. A cheap gymnastics leotard doesn’t have to be low quality. Read our reviews and look out for sales and you’ll find the perfect budget leotard in no time at all.



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