The best Toy Relationships Uncovered

toys in a relationship

We all love a relationship.

If the relationship is going well tears are shed and lots of people say “awwww”. If the relationship is going badly, voices are raised, the cat hides under the sofa and love can quickly turn into hate.

Relationships are a rollercoaster ride of emotions, opinions and decisions. They can be a lot of fun but also not so fun. Thankfully we, the human race aren’t alone in this journey.

Our private detective has been on the hunt and has uncovered that Toykind are delving into relationships as well.

If you are thinking of bringing a toy couple into your home make sure they aren’t squeaky and don’t require batteries. Squeaky toy couples often struggle to maintain a healthy relationship when all they can hear is the sound of each other squeaking and a leaky battery can cause all-sorts of arguments about who’s turn it is to clean up.

Grandma and Grandpa lego have spent the best part of 1000 lego years as a couple. Grandpa bought some pink flowers back in the 60’s to give to grandma but she is a difficult catch and can’t be bought with even the biggest bunch of flowers growing out of grandpas hand.


This next couple are regretting putting their hands on the static electricity machine and being immortalised in the kitchen sink scavenging for leftover food on a burnt frying pan for all eternity.

It is such a shame because they are really nicely dressed for dinner, only to miss out on dinner and have no excuse to escape doing the washing up again and again and again.

This couple have been in a relationship for a long time. The wedding they crashed and burnt was a fairytale of sorts until they arrived and things got a little hot.

Unfortunately not all stories have a happy ending, which is what this couple found out when they realised the material they are made of isn’t fire resistant and their flame roaring mouths are attached together.


This next story is a very short one. A brief romantic encounter ended tragically after the couple had a smashing time on New Years Eve



Barbie and Ken represent the perfect toy couple. We all want to be them, living their perfect life. Unfortunately people became jealous of their perfect bodies, sports cars and true love and assigned them to a lifetime working in a cafe making panini.


Relationship advice for toys

If you are going to get into a relationship with another toy try to make sure that you aren’t about to be glued together forever. True love is a great thing but you need your own space.

Check their label. Yes it’s a little rude to compare labels on the first date but consider whether you are you really going to be compatible with a made in china doll with a very high digit product code. Cultural difference affect toys too.

When you are born as a toy toaster with a smiley face, no matter how powerful your toast popping skills, drop the crush you have on barbie. A toaster is never going to be in a relationship with a doll. Try to choose a compatible partner







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