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Slackers Ninja line review | Kids love it !

In our review of the best backyard obstacle courses we rated the slackers extreme Ninja line as our favourite after considering a lot of other options.

slackers ninja line review

There is a lot of competition in the backyard obstacle course world and slackers have created a range of outdoor adventure products that use a slack line in one way or another to create climbing and balancing activities suitable for children and adults.

Slackers Extreme Ninjaline Kit (30' & 50' Varieties) (50')

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What exactly is a slackers ninja line

If you aren’t familiar with this Ninja line, I’ll describe it for you. To put it simply it’s a rope line that attaches to a tree or supporting structure at each end of the line.

Along the line you’ll see metal carabiners that are similar to those you’ll find climbers using on a climbing wall. You can attach one obstacle onto each of the triangular shaped carabiners that you’ll see dangling down from the rope.

You have to choose where to place each obstacle and change them around to make the obstacle course easier or more challenging.

Who is it suitable for

When considering buying the Slackers Ninja line, you need to know that the 250lb weight limit makes it, in my experience, best suited to children, Adults can use it but it’s more suited for children. and comes with a selection of fun accessories so your little ninjas can navigate their way along the line.

What i don’t like about the slackers extreme line is that it even if you choose the 50″ long line, the full length doesn’t have loops for attachments and some of the length is wrapped around the trees so you have to take this into account.

What obstacles are included

There are a few different kits you can buy from slackers but the extreme option has the most obstacle attachments. Be sure to check out which option you are going to buy and make sure it has the obstacles you think will be the most fun for your children.

In my opinion the extreme line is the best option because it has the widest variety of obstacles and includes the tree climbers and rope as well.

The obstacles included with the extreme kit are monkey bar holds, nylon rope knots, gymnastic rings and a spinning ninja ring, a climbing rope and tree climbers.

Slackers Ninja line setup with and without trees

If you buy the slackers Ninja line you’ll receive some clear instructions from Slackers. Be sure to follow the instructions and guidance carefully.

I am going to give you a brief list of some simple steps you’ll have to take to attach a Ninja line to trees or another structure.

These steps are a brief summary of the instructions you’ll receive from slackers and don’t cover all the steps and safety considerations so please don’t use them to attach the line, they are just to give you an idea of what to expect before you buy the slackers line.

Be sure to follow Slackers own guidance before using one of their products.

Step 1Slackers give a lot of guidance about making sure you place the line over a soft surface, preferably grass. They also mention keeping a 6 foot distance from washing lines, fencing and other obstacles. To put it simply, make sure you have plenty of space in your yard. Also think about what your children are wearing to make sure nothing gets caught on the line.

Step 2 – Slackers advice you to make sure to find a healthy tree to attach their slackline to. They suggest that you find a trunk with circumference of at least 36″ or 12 inch diameter.

I found that finding a suitable tree isn’t as easy as you might think, even after years of attaching hammocks the distance between the trees has to be much wider and I don’t have many trees in my yard so I’m restricted to using slacklines near the lake or on camping trips.

You can set up a slackers ninja line without trees if you have a post that can handle 363kg of force on both ends. If you have some DIY experience and know what you are doing this can be a good idea but you have to be very careful and be sure the post has strong foundations.

Step 3 – Now you have to place the line on the floor and attach the delta clips. These are like carabiners and are how you will attach the obstacles along the rope line. This step is a little bit fiddly but Slackers provide some images on their instruction sheet that show you where they should be positioned which make it easier to work out how you can slide the metal clip trough the sewn in sleeves.

Step 4 – Now the fun begins. You have to wrap the line around a tree, keep it as straight as possible and tighten the ratchet carefully, not letting the rope twist. tighten the ratchet so that the line is tight and not too slack. After you’ve followed the instructions and tighten the line you can test out the line by holding onto the line at both ends and in the middle to make sure it is supporting your weight.

When you are attaching the slackers Ninja line to trees, its useful to know that if the distance between your trees is long and the trees are very thick, some of the loops that attachments fasten onto may be wrapped around the tree and out of use.

We can’t move trees of course, so it’s not always possible to find the perfect distance but try to measure and find a suitable space so you can make use of the full slack line.

Slackers Ninja line accessories and extension

The slackers extreme Ninja line includes some tree climbers. These are straps that fasten around a tree trunk and have climbing holds on them which are just like those you hold onto if you are climbing a climbing wall.

What I like most about these climbing holds is that you can position the slack line higher up on the tree and use them to climb up to reach the obstacle course.

Slackers 8 ft Rope Ladder - Best Outdoor Ninja Warrior Training Equipment For Kids - A Great Addition To Your Backyard Ninjaline Obstacle Course - Rated Ages 5+

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If you want to buy some additional accessories the slackers climbing ladder is my favourite choice. Not only does it offer another way for children to climb up onto the slack line but it is also a lot of fun and challenging to climb up as it moves around.

Slackers Ninja-Wheel - Outdoor Ninja Warrior Training Equipment For Kids - Easily Attaches To Your Ninjaline Obstacle Course - The Prefect Addition To Your Outdoor Play Equipment!

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Another fun attachment is the slackers Ninja wheel. This wheel is comfortable to grip but once you are hanging from it, it begins to spin quickly around making it really challenging to navigate your way onto the next obstacle. I like this additional challenge though, it makes the whole course much more fun and requires a little more skill to find a way to the other side without falling.

Final thoughts

Slackers offer a unique and exciting challenge with their Extreme Ninja line. It can be tricky finding the right length between 2 trees to fasten the line to. If you manage to find 2 trees the right distance apart your kids will enjoy the challenging obstacles on this sturdy line.

In my opinion this is the best ninja obstacle course and your kids are going to love the challenge. What makes the slackers line better than other brands is the heavy duty rope, ratchet and materials along with a wide variety of attachments.

The only downside is that if you want to add more attachments they aren’t that cheap and you may have to remove some other obstacle to add them onto the carabiners.

I think the spinning wheel offers the most difficult challenge and buying the rope ladder is the best add-on attachment you can buy.

Slackers Extreme Ninjaline Kit (30' & 50' Varieties) (50')

Click to view on Amazon

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