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Preschool Gymnastics Equipment For Toddlers


We are going to introduce you to some preschool gymnastics equipment for home , toddler classes and the gym. A preschool class usually aims to get younger children involved in fun activities that help develop basic coordination and balance skills. Play gymnastics have written some fun articles about the development of coordination balance and agility through toddlers play activities. We also believe it is highly important for toddlers to learn through playing, experimenting and taking part in new activities that require different movements and push the boundaries of what they can currently do.

Here are some suggested fun pieces of preschool gymnastics equipment that are great for preschool gymnasts. Gymnastics equipment for toddlers usually involves lots of soft play and equipment suited to preschool age children who love lots of colours and exciting features. We hope you will enjoy our selection of the best preschool gymnastics equipment we could find.

American educational Products foot and hand markers for gymnasts


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American educational products have made some thick hand and foot stickers which are great for preschool gymnastics when toddlers are starting to learn to exercise in a fun way. They Can be placed wherever you like and used to guide a child’s movements. You can create fun games or position the stickers correctly for learning cartwheels, downward dog and other exercises. They can also be used for fun toddler circuit training.

Rollable Training Balance Beam Mat

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This regulation size 10 foot long 6 inch wide foam training beam is quick and easy to store, roll out and practice balance skills and any more advanced beam exercises from the safety of the floor. Preschool gymnastics classes often make use of play mats and even if toddlers can’t yet walk along the line they can crawl or practice other skills before learning to balance.

Toddler Foamnasium Gymnasium

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The Foamnasium is brilliant fun for youngsters learning to climb, crawl, roll and lift their body weight onto the foam platforms. Before starting gym exercises kids need to learn basic coordination skills and build up the strength in their muscles and joints in order to be able to exercise properly. If your children are young enough this can also be fun for crawling and holding their hands whilst helping teach them to walk.

Foamnasium Gymnasium Key Features:

  • Fun for young children
  • Colourful and exciting way of improving coordination skills.



Foamnasium Circle

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This foam circle is lightweight and fun for kids to crawl through in preschool classes. When toddlers have finished playing you can remove the green centre piece and use the foamnasium circle as a seat.

Foamnasium Circle key features:

  • Very popular in preschool classes & a lightweight piece of gymnastics equipment for preschool children.


The fun outdoors gymnastics team building parachute


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Team building is highly important in gym class where if you progress through the gymnastics levels you are going to have to work with other children during practice and travel with them to competitions, working together as a team supporting each other. This fun parachute allows 8 kids to work together and have fun.


5 reasons why Toddlers will love gymnastics equipment.



Toddlers are a massive bundle of joy and energy and are often introduced to gymnastics equipment at a playgroup or during a mum and baby class. Toddlers love to roll and climb and play with this fun and colourful foam equipment. Whether you are planning for your young children to progress to learning actual gymnastics skills or not they can still benefit from being able to play and explore their physical capabilities on soft and safe equipment.

Olympic champions start early.

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