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Gymnastics Equipment for home use


Every Gymnast wants to have their own gymnastics equipment for home and it is possible to find high quality equipment for a reasonable price.

Because there are so many different types of gymnastics apparatus we have given many of them a whole article. This article will focus on items that don’t fall into the other categories and Will also guide you in better understanding the different product areas and equipment available to buy for your own and your children’s home practice.

If what you are looking for falls into the following categories please click on the name to be taken to a full article about those apparatus, or browse our table of contents and skip to the category you are looking for within this article.

Cheese Mat

Gymnastics floor mats

Gymnastics Bars

Here are some of our favourite pieces of gymnastics equipment from those categories:

We sell Mats floor Mats

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Tumbl Trak Junior Pro Bar

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Best Choice Products Cheese mat

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We are now going to review some gymnastics equipment for home that we think you will enjoy using:

Titan Fitness Wooden Gymnastics Rings

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These wooden gymnastics rings are some of the best available. We prefer a wooden ring than plastic or metal because they feel nicer to grip which is one reason why the rings used in the Olympic gymnastics competition are wooden.

At 1.25 inches thick the rings are easy and comfortable to grip. You can quickly detach and move the rings indoors or outside and reattach within minutes. The maximum weight is 600lbs so can definitely hold even the biggest adult with ease. Be sure to attach these rings correctly to a structure that can support the weight and forces involved in any swinging, dips, tucks, reverse rows and other exercises you might be practising.

Some high quality heavy duty straps and nice quality wood that is not slippy with sweaty hands, make the Titan fitness rings an excellent choice.

Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips 

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Bear Komplex claim these gloves are the best hand grips on the planet. The question is, do we agree?.

We aren’t going to make any claims about whether they are the best, but these are most definitely some of the most heavy duty and comfortable hand grips around. Whether you are performing on the high bar or gymnastics rings, a pair of hand grips can come in very useful and really protect the palm of your hand and increase your grip.

Benefits Of Gymnastic Equipment For Home Use.

At the gym your children take turns practicing on the different apparatus, like the bars, beams and mats. The teacher can’t pay attention to everyone at the same time so the young gymnasts take turns practising drills and learning lots of new skills.

Having equipment at home and parents to keep watch allows kids the opportunity to practice again and again. In gym class the skills will be taught and posture and positioning corrected. Your young gymnasts can learn drills that will improve their skills and that can be practised regularly at home with your own equipment available all the time.

young gymnast

Yes, the sound of the 1000th backhandspring of the day will make you wish you were young and flexible again but it’s the sound of your children enjoying themselves and nothing makes a parent feel happier than seeing children have fun and live their dreams and hobbies.

A mat is useful from day one, because you can tumble and roll or just sit and stretch on a comfortable and protective surface.

When you or your children progress and begin to use bars and beams it is great for them to be able to practice from home using high quality and safe equipment.

Where to get gymnastics equipment for home

It is easiest to buy gym equipment for gymnasts online because not many retailers sell these larger items in store and when they do they don’t offer much choice. Amazon is one of the most popular places to buy your equipment because most big gymnastic brands like WesellMats, Tumbl trak and Gk Elite sell the latest equipment through Amazon, often with a good discount available.

Gymnastics items are often given as a gift, we have written a guide and suggested some of our favourite gymnastics gifts. Click here if you’d like to view our latest selections.

Gymnastics At Home For Beginners


When beginning gymnastics we recommend you attend a class in order to learn some basic tumbling skills before being introduced to equipment for specific disciplines. Recently we came across the book Head over heels which offers a good introduction to tumbling, rolls and other exercises for gymnastics.

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This article written by Golden Gymnastics also lists some good exercises for home practice. They are suitable for children looking to improve their skills and physical fitness in order to have more core strength and all round body strength.



Preschool gymnastics equipment


A preschool class usually aims to get younger children involved in fun activities that help develop basic coordination and balance skills. Play gymnastics have written some fun articles about the development of coordination balance and agility through toddlers play activities. We also believe it is highly important for toddlers to learn through playing, experimenting and taking part in new activities that require different movements and push the boundaries of what they can currently do.

Here are some suggested fun pieces of equipment that are great for preschool gymnasts.

American educational Products foot and hand markers for gymnasts

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American educational products have made some thick hand and foot stickers which are great for toddlers starting to learn to exercise in a fun way. They Can be placed wherever you like and used to guide a child’s movements. You can create fun games or position the stickers correctly for learning cartwheels, downward dog and other exercises. They can also be used for fun toddler circuit training.


Rollable Training Balance Beam Mat


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This regulation size 10 foot long 6 inch wide foam training beam is quick and easy to store, roll out and practice balance skills and any more advanced beam exercises from the safety of the floor.

Toddler Foamnasium Gymnasium


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The fomnasium is brilliant fun for youngsters learning to climb, crawl, roll and lift their body weight onto the foam platforms. Before starting gym exercises kids need to learn basic coordination skills and build up the strength in their muscles and joints in order to be able to exercise properly. If your children are young enough this can also be fun for crawling and holding their hands whilst helping teach them to walk.

Foamnasium Circle

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This foam circle is lightweight and fun for kids to crawl through in preschool classes.

The fun outdoors gymnastics team building parachute


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Team building is highly important in gym class where, if you progress through the gymnastics levels you are going to have to work with other children during practice and travel with them to competitions, working together as a team supporting each other. This fun parachute allows 8 kids to work together and have fun.

Used Gymnastics Equipment For Sale


It is possible to find apparatus second hand on website like ebay, or at your local gymnastics club. We would recommend always buying from a reputable club if you need to buy 2nd hand. In our experience, it is better value to buy new, especially with bars and mats when possible because they can be re-sold at a high price and you almost always receive a warrantee.

Outdoor Gymnastics Equipment

A lot of the items we recommend are great for outdoors use. If you are using bars and beams then make sure you have a flat surface and a safety mat that is large enough to protect you.

Lots of families like to put a mat on the lawn for tumbling and other exercises in the summer months when it’s much nicer to practice in the warm weather rather than indoors.

We have found a few items that are fun for playing and practicing in the garden.

Swing-N-Slide Rings & Trapeze Combo


Click to view current price on Amazon

The combination of rings and a trapeze are lots of fun for playing and practising strength and fitness exercises in the garden. The trap bar is comfortable to grip and the ring handles are smooth and a nice width to hold onto. Swing-N-Slide have made a quality product that is a lot of fun for your little gymnasts garden play.

321 Strong Gymnastics Rings


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We like the 15 foot length and adjustable straps that allow for easy movement and the rings are comfortable to grip onto. These awesome rings can hold 2000lb of weight, so they are very heavy duty and your kids, adults and pet elephant shouldn’t snap them when hanging, swinging and holding their weight in the garden. Maybe all the practice and strength you’ll build with these rings will allow you to perform a reverse row sit back!. If you are short of workout ideas to compliment your gymnastic rings workout then Work life balance bloggers offer some good workouts for adults.


What Equipment Do You Need For Gymnastics – Equipment List

This depends on what discipline and skills you want to practice most. If your children are new to this sport then a panel mat or cheese mat are great for starting with. At the top of this article we have linked to other equipment we have written articles about and recommended products.

Here are some important pieces of equipment that most gymnasts will need.



Gymnastics Apparatus For Sale – Most popular brands


Based in North Carolina, they produce some of the best mats available to buy and we love that they are a family run business.


GKElite –

GkElite are one of the most popular brands. They produce some of the highest quality leotards available in the world, which is why the USA gymnastics team wore them during the 2016 Rio Olympics and will most likely to continue to do so in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. This article featured in cosmopolitan is an interesting read about their USA Olympic Leotards.

Check out this beautiful one-piece leotard by Gk Elite –

Click image to view on Amazon



Equipment Safety

Safety is the most important factor to consider when buying gymnastic equipment for home use. Make sure you follow any instructions and meet any weight and height requirements. It is also advisable to buy from a reputable brand.



Cheap Gymnastics Equipment For Sale & Used Gymnastics Equipment


It is possible to start gymnastics without any equipment, or to practice skills learned in the gym at home using a book or watching YouTube videos.

If you are looking for cheap equipment for sale then Amazon often have discounted prices and good value deals. If you have very little to spend then it is possible to buy used items from your local club or through websites such as ebay. Although, cheap items aren’t often priced that much cheaper than a good value low priced new product that is likely to come with a guarantee.

Kids deserve to practice with gym items that are good quality and will last a long time.

The following Video from the Cheernastics2 has some interesting comparisons between cheap and expensive pieces of gymnastics equipment


 Gymnastics Stuff


We have found some interesting gymnastics stuff that we think you’ll enjoy.


Click image to view on Amazon


We hope this guide and linked articles will help you find the most suitable gymnastics equipment for yourself or your children. Having equipment at home can really help improve your childrens skills very quickly and  help with strength and conditioning.

Because a lot of the disciplines and skills involved in this sport require a lot of time and practice to learn and then to perfect and move through the levels, having time at home to be able to practice frequently can make a big difference and ensure you make the team or compete to your best ability competitively.



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