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Best inflatable waterpark with inflatable pool slide reviews


Quickly, get your inflatable waterpark and inflatable waterslide inflated, Summertime is coming and everyone is ready to head out into the garden and have some fun. Kids love to splash in a paddling pool, have water balloon fights and slide down the best inflatable water slides all day long.

your very own inflatable water park

Luckily for you, you don’t have to head out and drive in the hot sun to your nearest water park, you can have your very own inflatable water park or inflatable pool slide in your own back yard.

We want to be kids again because these slides are really awesome! don’t take our word for it check them out below and you’ll see what we mean. Some of these take the idea of a paddling pool to a whole new exciting level that will keep your kids entertained all summer long.


1Blast Zone Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park

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The Blast zone Pirate blaster is an epic inflatable waterpark for your garden!. Kids can climb up the ramp and slide down the massive slide, splash and paddle in the awesome giant pool area or crawl through the tunnel that leads into a small inflatable bouncy section that is ideal for kids who are too young or nervous about sliding down the big slide.

There aren’t many pirate theme elements but the two water cannons that spray roughly half way across the inflated pool make up for this. Kids love to run and splash around the pool as other kids attempt to spray water at them with the well designed water cannons that provide child pirates with a lot of excitement

The top of the inflatable section is 8 feet high and the slide itself is well over 5 foot high so this is really big for kids. There is a large pool area with the overall size covering an area of 20 foot by 12 foot which is massive so all your kids can splash and play together with their friends too and even hold birthday pool parties here.

We would have expected the orange and blue colour scheme to be quite bright and overwhelming but it is actually very appealing and people who see it seem to be impressed with the colours.

With most water slides you have to climb up the stairs to the slide from the grass outside but here everything is enclosed within the water park and there is a lot of room. The only time the kids need to get out it when dinner is ready or if they want to use the water cannons they have to be fired from outside the pool area. For this reason it is worth putting some tarpaulin in that area so they don’t drag mud back into the pool.

Overall This Blast Zone water park is one of the best inflatable waterparks for home that we have found and it is made using quality materials so it should last a long time. Inflation is quick and easy and the pump is hidden away at the back so kids won’t need to come close to it.

Blast zone pirate blaster key features:

  • Space Required:   20x12x8ft
  • Age recommendations: 3+
  • Maximum weight – 100lb
  • Two Water Cannons
  • Slide accessible from inside water park ( stops your grass getting wet when kids climb up).
  • Cleaning and drying such a large area is challenging, but that applies to most of these home water parks.



2Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

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Blast Zone have also created this highly popular and fun Hydrorush inflatable water slide with an attractive green orange and blue colour scheme. The slide is 10 foot long meaning that there is a lot of sliding to be done and a big splash at the bottom for all your excited happy kids this summer.

For young kids this is a seriously tall slide that provides a real thrill. We wish we were young again and could slide down it. The slide is unique because it curves to the left on the way down to make the journey even more fun for kids.

this inflatable water park is so popular

One of the reasons this inflatable water park is so popular is because of the high quality commercial grade vinyl that is much thicker and STRONGER than is necessary but this extra protection means you shouldn’t have any issues with puntures or the fabric ripping.

The pool area is large and there is one cannon so kids can play chase and paddle away from the oncoming blast of water. The outer area of the pool has a curved shape and then some straight lines that make for an interesting visually adventurous design.

Overall the Blast Zone hydro rush offers lots of zooming down the BIG SLIDE and a good quality spacious pool that is visually impressive and a lot of fun.

Blast Zone Hydro Rush Key Features:

  • Age: 3+ –
  • Size: 18x11x8ft
  • Large inflatable water slide that twists to the side.
  • 2 overhead sprays for fast sliding.
  • Water cannon.


3Banzai Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Park

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You would think an inflatable waterpark of this size would take a long time to inflate, but amazingly it only takes 3 minutes!.

There is a small inflated platform that forms the base of the steps that lead up to a top section with a roof and protective netting at the sides so your little swimmers can only slide safely down the curved bonzai slide and into the water.

The colour scheme is orange green and two shades of blue and it looks really nice and fun, especially for kids who are amazed when they first see it.

The steps leading up to the inflatable slide are a big exciting climb for kids, but can become quite slippy so make sure they take care and don’t rush up them.

At the top there is a detachable hose section where water can be sprayed down onto the slide and your children making for a faster and more thrilling journey down.

Banzai sidewinder Falls Key Features:

  • 14ft long, 9 foot wide and 7 foot 11 inches high.
  • Safe protective netting at the top.
  • Durable & includes fun climbing wall.
  • Exciting design – One of the best inflatable waterparks.
  • Great electric blower for fast inflation and powerful water sprinkler.
  • Steps up to slide can become a little slippery.
  • Maximum combined weight 150lbs.


4Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

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Little Tikes are well known for making some great kids toys. Their rocky mountain slide bouncer is perfect if you have a few kids playing together. The climbing wall has enough inflatable rungs to be challenging but it doesn’t take long to get to the top and be ready to race your friends down one of the two slides. Slide racing is a lot of fun and and two inflatable slides means everyone is having fun at the same time.

The pool area is smaller on the little tikes waterpark because the bouncy section below the climbing wall and two slides take up the space. We prefer it this way, kids can bounce slide splash and they are never far away from the action.

Two orange slides curve towards the main pool and are quite steep and long so are fast and exciting. Amazingly there are three waterfall features, two to make sure the slides are wet so sliding is easy and the other pours onto the climbing wall to add to the challenge and fun.

Wherever your little swimmers are they are going to be getting wet and laughing all day long. With two slides, squirting waterfall features and a pool there is no escaping this garden waterpark.

Rocky Mountain River Racer Key Features:

  • You don’t need to have the water pressure very high for the water fountain features, turn your tap on low and they’ll still be plenty of splashing and fast fun sliding without using all your water.
  • Fun for parties for toddlers or younger kids.
  • High 350lb maximum weight limit.
  • We love the two slide inflatable water park design so there is no fighting and waiting for the one slide.
  • Smaller pool area but still one of the best inflatable water slides.
  • Best for younger children
  • Not the most innovative theme but functions great.


5Blast Zone Crocodile Isle dual slides inflatable waterpark for kids

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It wasn’t always the best idea to invite the crocodiles into the garden to play with the children but today we are going to let them climb jump and slide all over this friendly crocodile.

With two big white eyes at the top of one of the two slides and a printed teeth design on the side, this comes as close to proper theming as we have seen with childrens home waterparks. It comes close but the overall it doesn’t quite excite us as much as we would have liked.

Kids will absolutely love having the two giant slides either side and quite a long top section which they can reach by climbing the inflated wall. The colours are green, for the crocodile and orange for what we think is meant to be the inside of the crocodiles mouth, and both colours look good and blend in well with your grass.

Although they could have done more with the theming the design is one of the best and the attention to detail when it comes to safety is second to none.  The sides of the slides have a high wall so kids can’t jump off.

The Blast Zone crocodile isle is a lot of fun, easy to inflate, but be sure to take your time clearing the water out and letting it dry before storing away.

Blast Zone crocodile Isle Dual Slides Key Features:

  • Dual slides.
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to inflate this giant beast with the strong blower.
  • The Pool area is so big it takes a while to fill up.


6Banzai Pipeline Twist kids Inflatable Outdoor Waterpark

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Banzai have made a waterpark that is spacious and suitable for all your kids. Younger kids can choose from the small inflatable slide and older kids can walk through the secret clubhouse top section and onto the giant slide.

The awesome clubhouse seciton at the top has a roof, access to two slides, lots of soft padding and a window so your children can pop their heads out and make sure you are ready to watch them speed down the slide and splash into the pool.

We love how much the large slide curves at the bottom and the inflated bouncy wall in front is a great idea and means the big slide is super safe, just make sure kids are sensible and don’t jump on the slide and bounce near the side.

lots of place for the children to hide from their friends and chase each other

There are two water cannons and a tunnel so there are lots of place for the children to hide from their friends and chase each other around all day long, trying to escape the super spray cannons that can squirt the whole pool area so you have to be fast and get up onto the slide or tunnel fast.

At 21x17x9 this is one of the biggest garden water-parks available for kids and the orange blue and yellow colours look amazing.


7Kahuna Twin Peaks – Kids Inflatable Splash Pool

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Kahuna, in surfing terms, is a very large wave and in Hawaii it refers to a wise man or shaman. With two slides, a water spray cannon, three water-sprays and a splash pool we expect you’ll be seeing some big kahunas in your backyard.

The orange coloured outer rim looks good, we aren’t as keen on the green outslide section but it blends well in your garden and the blue slide and splash pool surfaces are engaging colours.

We like the centre climbing wall because it gives the whole frame more stability, with a slide either side to balance it out. Racing is possible because both slides are the same length and have a little exciting curve. Land in the splash pool and climb back up the wall to be in pole position for the next race.

If it’s pool party time, let the kids take it in turns spraying all the splashers and swimmers with the one powerful cannon. Other friends can throw inflatable basketballs into the two basketball hoops either side of the climbing frame.

8Banzai Battle Blast Adventure Inflatable Water Park

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Wow, the colour of this waterpark is really psychadelic and vibrant. It is definitely our favouite colour design. Your kids really can imagine they are in a fantasy exciting computer game world with the exciting use of blue and black vibrant fantasy colours.

Get your kids ready for battle, this is the ultimate waterpark if your kids love waterfights. With three cannons, one positioned for somebody stood outside the pool ( you, being the lucky parents who might end up playing this role), the next positioned at the bottom of the climbing wall and the final water canon is at the very top of the climbing wall ready for you to squirt water down onto your rivals below.

To make the battle more interesting there are some great inflatable barricades so when you are firing the canon in the position below the inflatable wall it is easy to hid behind and avoid water firing from the side canon, but beware your team mate above can shoot you if they decide it is a fun option.

This is a faced paced action waterpark which is brilliant for lots of role-playing action. The barriers long the top section are protective incase children get overexcited shooting the upper water canon and there is an inflataed bar above the slide which you can hold onto to help start the sliding motion more easily and to pick up some extra speed.

Banzai Battle Blast Adventure Key features:

  • Size – 15x11x8ft.
  • The best garden waterpark for water fights.
  • Exciting water canons and barricades encourage a lot of exciting water play action.
  • Basketball hoop included.


9Kidwise Double Water Slide

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Kidwise have designed a heavy duty double slide water slide. This design is unique because the slides are next to each other so your children can enjoy racing and splashing together

The focus with the kidwise is the sliding. The splash pool area is much smaller than most of these products, but the slides are tall and long and a lot of fun. To reach the slides you have to exit the park so we would recommend putting tarpaulin underneath to stop mud getting everywhere and your grass getting wet.

The purple frame and rungs leading up to the top of this tall inflatable are visually impressive with an awesome structure that looks like the supports on a rollercoaster. The splash pool at the bottom can be used to play in but is a fairly small area when compared to the other slides and its purporse is to act as a splash pool and run off area after sliding fast and creating a wave.

Kidwise double water-slide key features:

  • It is possible to slide without the water on but it is much better to use it as sliding is faster and a lot more fun.
  • Inflation takes less than 1 minute which is super quick for a large 20ft long x7ft wide x8.5ft tall design.




How to correctly deflate and dry out an inflatable water slide or waterpark

One of the biggest issues people have with these large inflatable water parks with slides is that they are difficult to dry out when being stored away for any period of time

It is very important to make sure you dry the plastic out as well as possible in order to prevent a build up of mould or a deterioration of the materials.

Firstly we would recommend emptying the water out and deflating the waterpark, either by pulling the plugs if there are some, tipping the water out, or using a water pump.

Next, re-inflate and if possible position upside down or tip on the side to try and get rid of any exces water. Ideally this should be done on a tarpaulin to avoid any mud or grass getting inside.

After this we would suggest raising the structure off the ground by placing it on buckets, or anything that can slightly raise it off the ground. Leave it here to dry in the sun for a few hours if possible and also use the air pump to try and blow off any excess water, or use a towel to soak it up.


Why we Would recommend an inflatable water slide / inflatable water park in your garden.


Do we really need to justify how much fun a kids water park in your very own garden is?

Thought not.

We would leave it there but there is lots of splashing, bouncing, sliding, squirting, pouring, throwing, paddling, climbing and getting very wet to be done, how can we not mention all these fun water activities your children can enjoy this summer.

These inflatable water parks cost more than your average paddling pool but they are often more than 10x times bigger and taller and usually have enough space for several kids, if not more.

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