Best indoor jungle gym for kids who love indoor monkey bars

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A Review Of The Best Indoor Jungle Gyms And Indoor Monkey Bars

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EZPlay Koala Indoor Jungle Gym - Sturdy Climbing Playset, Foldable Kids Play Area with Monkey Bars, Climbing Ladder, Slide, Swing Set & Rings, Adjustable Play Structure for Ages 4-10
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Gym1 Indoor Playground with Indoor Swing, Plastic Rings, and Climbing Ladder
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Lil' Monkey Dome Climber - Jungle Gym Playground Equipment, Climbing Structures for Kids and Toddlers, Backyard Outside Toddler Toys, Monkey Bars Climbing Tower Ages 3-6
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Dani LLC Colored Indoor Wooden Playground for Kids SportWood Indoor Gym Sets Up Climbing Ladder Swing Slide and Rings (SportWood Plus)
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We aim to help you find the best jungle gym and indoor monkey bars for your little climbers to play indoors and have fun.

As soon as toddlers are able to crawl they are often trying to climb on furniture and pull themselves onto anything within reach. Exploring is a part of a child’s early development alongside learning to experiment with sensory play and touch and feel new objects. For a child, everything is exciting and new and ready to be experienced for the first time, there are so many fun skills to be learned.

have fun developing lots of new exciting skills

These indoor monkey bars and indoor jungle gyms for toddlers offer the chance for a safe environment that your children can play in and have fun developing lots of new exciting skills. Every child loves to go to the park and these best indoor playgrounds offer the chance for them to climb and swing on monkey bars and ropes with an assortment of activities.

There are often more fun options than your local playground and all their friends will soon be wanting to sleepover at your house and they won’t want to leave because children don’t easily get bored of fun physical activities that involve exploration.

Below we have reviewed 10 indoor jungle gyms which we highly recommend as being the best available and we hope you will enjoy reading about and watching your kids play on whichever indoor play structure you choose for your children. If you need any help choosing send us an email and we will be happy to help.

Best Indoor Jungle Gym And Indoor Monkey Bars Reviewed – Top 10

1EZPlay Koala Kids Indoor Playground With Indoor Monkey Bars

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The EZPlay Koala kids indoor playground with indoor monkey bars is great for children who love to climb, swing and slide. All kids between the ages of 4 and 10 can have their very own climbing frame inside their home. This colourful indoor climbing frame is beautifully painted in soft blue, yellow and purple colours.

There is a rope ladder which can be climbed to reach the monkey bars across the top or to climb onto the slide which works well and is especially good for smaller children who will slide for a longer distance. Some people questioned the height of the ridges at the side of the slide, but they act as enough of a barrier to ensure it feels safe.

ensure your kids are able to more fully enjoy and feel confident

Children usually have to travel to their local park to play on climbing frames like this one and often then they have to queue for their turn on the slide or weave and dodge other children coming in different directions. The Koala indoor playground gives your children the chance to practice their skills in climbing, sliding, swinging on indoor monkey bars and navigating their way up some rope netting.

The practice they get from this playground will ensure your kids are able to more fully enjoy and feel confident at your local park as well as having countless hours of fun at home.

If you have a little gymnast then there are some great gymnastic rings. These are great for children to practice holding their body weight and to improving balance by trying to hold themselves stable. These rings can also be used for smaller children to swing like they would on a rope swing. Little girls especially love to swing on the rings and pretend to be professional Olympic gymnasts.

Considering the number of features on this kids play gym, it is very easy to construct. The frame doesn’t take up much space, can be attached to a wall with 4 screws. It is easy to dismantle and store whilst not being used.

There is some movement when children are climbing on this indoor play structure but the slight jiggle isn’t something to be concerned about. Wooden jungle gym frames are often built to flex a little and it feels strong and sturdy once drilled securely into the wall.

Additional comments

  • There is some flexibility in choosing which direction you would like the slide to face.

2Gorilla Gym Kids indoor playground

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  If your home doesn’t have much free space this Gorilla gym indoor playground is brilliant. There is a central monkey bar which forms the main structure and on which the 5 different attachments fit. One of the best attachments that kids enjoy is a red swing which is brilliant fun and its height can be adjusted so smaller kids can climb onto it and swing by themselves or it can be raised if they are being supervised and love to swing at a height.

If your kids are little monkeys who like to climb

The trapeze bar is great for little circus performers and the two separate gymnastics rings are thrilling for kids and offer them the chance to practice getting used to both arms swinging separately and to master controlling their own bodies. If your kids are little monkeys who like to climb then they’ll enjoy the dangling rope. It can be used to practice rope climbing techniques and will really build your child’s strength and endurance and ability to hold their own weight.

Additional Comments

  • Ages 3 – 10 years
  • Fits doorways with a 63-92 cm or  25-36 inches width and will hold 135kg of weight.

3Toy Monster Indoor Monkey Bars Tower

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 This Toy Monster indoor climbing frame is great. It is easy to snap the plastic pieces together and kids really love to climb on the many different sections and hang on the bars underneath. It also quickly becomes a secret den with towels and bed sheets used to create an awesome cave for children to sit in and let the make-believe fun begin and imaginations run wild. Some kids love to sit on top and be the king of the monkey bar castle whilst others who’ve had more practice can spin themselves upside down and hang like bats.

The Toy monsters monkey bars tower is a great starting point for small children to learn to climb and they sure do manage to pick up climbing skills very quickly when this jungle gym is there to play with regularly. It is almost impossible for kids to walk past without wanting to swing or show-off their newest amazing gymnastics move or monkey pose.

In the sunny weather, it can be transported outside for fun play on the grass or you could try and fit a small paddling pool underneath full of water or inflatable balls because kids love to have lots of options and to combine toys together in innovative and fun ways.

Additional comments

  • This fun indoor playground is made of solid plastic pieces which slot together very firmly and snap into place. It feels very strong and stable. I was unsure about the colour at first but the green and purple work well together and it looks professional and not cheap and tacky.
  • Weight- max 150lbs
  • It is a good idea to put something soft underneath, especially for smaller children who aren’t as confident climbing yet.
  • We recommend parental supervision when using indoor play structures
  • Please follow all instructions carefully when constructing this indoor jungle gym. The pieces fit together tightly and you’ll often need to use the tool provided with it or your own screwdriver to help slot the pieces into place without them pinching your skin. The connectors will snap out of place now and then but it isn’t difficult to get them to fit in and carry on building.

4Wallbarz Jungle Dome With Indoor Monkey Bars

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 If you are looking for the ultimate big indoor play structure with kids monkey bars then you’ll want to take a look at this play gym. Your kids will be running and climbing up the rope ladder and swinging back and forth like Tarzan across the wide set of monkey bars. Kids love to laugh while play and they will thank you before they’ve even had a chance to try climbing up the climbing rope or swinging on the gymnastic rings attachment.

There are some other steps on the outside of the frame and another attached ladder, making 4 possible ways for your kids to climb high up. The possibilities for improving climbing, gymnastics, and improving strength and coordination are endless on this jungle gym.

If you are looking for something more up-market that has a quality and attractive tone of colour and is well made, spacious and easy to assemble then the wallbarz jungle dome climber is a good choice. It is useful to put some soft mats below as it can take kids a little bit of time to master all the different skills they will need to learn.

Additional info

  • The Wallbarz jungle dome comes in two boxes which are  46 inches length ways, 21 inches wide and 6 inches high.
  • Everything can be adjusted apart from the monkey bars
  • The product is tightened into place on the floor and ceiling so doesn’t need any kind of screwing into place.

5Nirosports Kids Playground Playset With Indoor Monkey Bars

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 What we like most about the Nirosports kids indoor jungle gym is that it takes up a small amount of space horizontally across your room but fits a lot of features vertically. The red colour of the frame, when contrasted with the yellow ropes, looks very nice. There is a central ladder which can be used to climb up to the very top of the frame where there is a kids indoor pull up bar for them to dangle from or hold onto while slotting their feet into the gymnastics rings.

The rings are made of a nice material for kids to grip onto and swing. Dangling on one side is a trapeze swing bar, you can’t swing at any great speed but the little ones enjoy sitting on it or standing and swinging. There is a rope to climb which offers a great challenge for any young dare-devils who like to adventure.

If your kids enjoy the circus they’ll like standing on the trapeze bar which can help improve balance. We were unsure about the Trapeze bar because usually, they swing across a wide space but it works well and children find it fun. Constructing the Nirosports playground is easy and it can be assembled very quickly out of the box.

More information 

  • Suitable for a room height between 95 and 114 inches.
  • This product has been tested and received a high safety rating.
  • Produced using environmentally friendly CFC- free materials.

6Panda Indoor Playground for toddlers by EZPlay

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This EZplay Panda indoor playground for toddlers is great for young children who love to adventure and climb but don’t want to reach the ceiling. If your child is aged between 1 and 5 then this is a high-quality indoor playground suitable for them that includes a fun slide and a small climbing ladder. Sliding is easy and the slide isn’t steep but is reasonably long so offers a fun experience for toddlers.

One child can swing in the children’s swing seat whilst their friend climbs up the attached rope ladder and onto the fun multicoloured frame. Some rings are also included in this product for your little gymnasts to have some fun. This indoor playground for toddlers can be assembled and disassembled very easily so is ideal if you don’t want it up all the time.

7Wallbarz Kids Wooden Kids Indoor Playground

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 Wallbarz have made another great indoor jungle gym for kids. With a lovely wooden frame that blends into the wall quite nicely and offers the option for children to climb up the solid wooden ladder or the more difficult and fun moving rope ladder.

Once kids have mastered the rope ladder they can attempt to climb up a single rope and really build up their confidence and strength to lift their own body weight. Climbing a rope requires a technique where you squeeze the rope between your feet like a navy seal and pull yourself up and reattach your feet to keep yourself in place.

This rope doesn’t work quite as well as a thicker rope but is still fun for kids to climb onto and learn basic rope climbing techniques before dangling their legs and swinging on the two gym rings that are always great fun for children to play on.

I’m always amazed how long children can hold their own weight when swinging or taking part in fun activities kids always seem to find some great inner strength when something fun is involved. Overall this indoor jungle gym for toddlers is really good quality, takes up a small amount of space and is pleasing on the eye.

With this wooden jungle gym, you have the option of either attaching it to your wall directly or using the pressure to slot it between your wall and floor. If you are attaching it using the wall and floor method you won’t need to use any tools or nuts and bolts, it is simply held in place through the applied pressure. This is a great option if you want to install it safely and simply and have a ceiling which is 8.8 foot high or less. If you don’t want to be concerned about ceiling height you can just screw this frame against a wall and this is the best option for ceilings over 8.8 foot high.

8Wallbarz transformer Indoor Jungle Gym


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The wallbarz transformer indoor jungle gym for kids is unique when compared to the other climbing frames we have reviewed. This is because the main ladder that forms the structure of this climbing frame is accessible from both sides and a top element sticks out offering a fun activity at both sides. Because of this more than one child can quite easily play together on two different activities. Children can swing on the kids gymnastic rings which are accessible at a nice height above the ground.

Smaller children will require supervision but after practice or when they grow a little bit older they will be able to reach the ring by climbing up the ladder. On the alternative side is a climbing rope which offers a fun challenge and kids will feel a sense of achievement at being able to cling to a real rope and the skills they learn will one day be transferable to real life climbing or will at least give them some confidence.

More info

  • The main steps are made to be non- slippery.
  • This unit is attached without any screwing involved, it is held in place through the tension when slotted into place between the floor and ceiling

9ECR4Kids Tree Top Climb And Slide Indoor Play Structure

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This tree top climb kids play structure doesn’t have any indoor monkey bars but is a fun indoor jungle gym for toddlers who want their first climbing experience. It is recommended for any children aged 3 or older who enjoy climbing and sliding. The slide is quite unique because there is a slight bump half way down which is much more fun than a flat slide and it is also a good length to slide down.

Your children can climb up the climbing wall at the side or the ladder with a bar across which can be used as a helping hand as your child reaches the top. Sometimes children prefer to hide away in a secret den, and with this product, they can do. Underneath the structure Is a bench where children can sit and read or play with other toys and games, or use blankets to make a secret hideaway.

There are two green sections at the side which are shaped like apple trees and have some apple stickers on which kids really enjoy, this adds an element of theming to the product and the different curved shaped add to the overall experience for children.

Construction of this indoor jungle gym is easy because you only have to slot and fit the plastic sections together and use the small plastic screws which are included. Some children find it challenging to climb the ladder onto the top platform, the handrail helped but even with this rail, smaller toddlers might require assistance. It is also best to assemble this product where you would like to keep it because it isn’t the easiest structure to move. Overall it is a very high-quality well-made product that younger children will really enjoy.

Additional comments

  •  It is possible to add sand in the base to keep it more stable
  • 50lbs of sand can be placed in the ladder sections if you feel you need more stability
  • Can be used by children up to 8 years old.
  • no indoor monkey bars on this indoor climber

10Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber

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This step 2 indoor jungle gym is also suited to younger children but can be used for children up to the age of 8. It is themed like a woodland wall and tree top platform and looks very impressive and realistic. Kids can climb up to the top using the foot and hand holes in the rocky wall or they can use the ladder at one end.

Once on top there are two steering wheels, for children who like to drive anywhere anytime, or who just love to spin things around. It is then possible to slide down the slide, which is quite small but solid. Underneath the platform is a small area where a toddler can sit and play with toys or sand. It is possible to use this product indoors or outdoors.

Additional comments

  • The slide on this indoor climber is approximately 42” from top to bottom.
  • Steering wheels are tricky to install
  • The plastic is easy to clean
  • There is a little bit of movement in the top section of this Step 2 climber when children walk on it, it bends slightly however it doesn’t appear that this is in any way unsafe.
  • There are no indoor monkey bars on this play center

Indoor climbing toys for toddlers – help choosing the best indoor climbing frame.

The climbing toys are high-quality products that will last a long time and ensure your kids have hours of fun and learn lots of new swinging, sliding and climbing skills. We know it is a big decision choosing a product that will fit nicely into your house, but if you have a playroom, garage or enough space, these frames are excellent fun and your kids will love having their own indoor climbing frames at home.


We hope these indoor jungle gyms with indoor monkey bars for sale have given you a good idea of the kind of products available for your children to climb and swing at home.

These indoor monkey bars / best indoor jungle gym are great for children in so many ways. It is fun for kids to be able to climb on play structures and reach new places whilst laughing and taking part in indoor play activities. It’s nice to know the physical benefits of this kind of exercise can be both muscle building and cardiovascular. Most importantly your children will have there own indoor play space.

Children will learn a determination and focus for the first time. They will have to maintain their concentration for a period of time in order to succeed in swinging or climbing whilst lifting their own body weight. Your child will set their own target on these climbing frames, some might want to learn to hang by themselves from bars. Others will feel a great sense of achievement at having climbed up the ladder or made it across the indoor monkey bars without an adult holding them.

Whatever the goal they set they’ll build up some confidence in their own abilities and move out of their ordinary comfort zones into new areas of excitement and exploratory play.

Most importantly these fun indoor playgrounds are great fun for kids and they’ll be very excited and spend many hours playing and laughing and having fun with family and friends.

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