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The Top 7 Cheese Mats | Tumbling Wedges For Gymnastics & Cheerleading



We hope this article will help you find the best Cheese mats / tumbling wedge.

  • Your curious toddler has just taken their first steps and wants to explore and climb.
  • Your 5-year-old daughter has seen gymnasts performing and they want to join a gymnastics class.
  • Your teenager is a cheerleader and competition for a place on the team is tough.

Those 3 children could all benefit from a cheese mat.

You might ask, why cheese mats?

…Well let me tell you.

At this point its probably worth letting down gently anyone still hoping to find an article about a piece of cheese. Cheese is great, but it doesn’t help your kids learn to be a  gymnast and have fun.

A cheese wedge ( also known as a tumbling wedge ) is a gymnastics and cheerleading inclined mat that is shaped like a triangular slice of cheese. It is a vital tool for helping practice tumbling skills that can otherwise be much more challenging.

most importantly have lots of fun

Time can be spent at the gym in classes or at parent and toddler groups, but home is where children spend most of their time. Home is a warm and happy place where kids can express themselves freely and practice without feeling judged.

Having an incline mat at home will allow all your kids to learn some new exercises, climb and play, make the gymnastics or cheerleading team, but most importantly have lots of fun.

We have spent a lot of time ensuring we can show you the best cheese mats available in the world today. We hope this guide will help you choose the right equipment for your kids to pratice and have fun.


A Review Of The Best 7 Cheese Mats



1We Sell Mats Gymnastics Folding Incline Cheese Wedge

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We sell mats are a family run business that have produced a selection of high quality cheese mats in a variety of different colours and sizes. We really like the large choice of gymnastics mats available from this company and the mats are constructed using 18oz Vinyl which makes the mats firm, responsive and able to withstand a lot of use. A small number of younger children find them too firm, this is usually because of inexperience and being used to softer surfaces, but also because over time they become slightly softer, similar to wearing in a new pair of shoes.

We like the rainbow colour best

A good quality mat will keep most of its firmness so your foot doesn’t give way whilst stepping on the tumbling mat. The choice of colours offered by We sell Mats include; purple / pink, lime green / blue and rainbow. We like the rainbow colour best because of the contrasting three colours which split the different sections up nicely. We think its great that the colours on the top surfaces are fairly neutral and mellow so aren’t distracting

The smallest mat is 33x24x14 and doesn’t fold like the larger tumbling wedges We sell Mats offer. This size is aimed at toddlers and Children up to the age of 5 who might want to use this incline to practice the forward roll by standing at the top facing down the incline and then putting their hands down and rolling forwards with an adult’s supervision. The incline helps to align your child’s body in the correct position and encourages a forward motion making the forward roll much easier to learn and master.

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The medium sized 60x30x15 tumbling mat or slightly larger 72x36x16 will be suitable for most gymnasts or cheerleaders to use throughout school and are also good for practising back walkover drills. This medium sized mat is great for cheerleaders practising back handsprings and cartwheels, although sometimes its better to use the larger tumbling wedge if your child is taller.

All the We Sell Mats cheese mats can be folded and stood up vertically against a wall. This is great for helping you learn to perform a handstand and other vertical positions or yoga asanas. Choosing one of the larger cheese mats is a great idea if you can afford to spend the extra money, because your children or yourself ( adults love to roll and play as well at times, or stretch and practice yoga.. don’t laugh at us)  will be able to use the mat until your kids grow as tall as you.

used in a lot of gymnastics and cheerleading gyms across the world

The we sell mats cheese wedge is a product that comes highly recommended with a commercial grade rating and is used in a lot of gymnastics and cheerleading gyms across the world. The firmness feels just right and has enough cushioning and support to ensure any miscalculated tumbles don’t end in tears as the blow is softened.

At the side of each mat are some handles so it can be transported easily and moved into the correct position or folded and stored away. They are high quality and large enough to be used to practice tumbling combinations for gymnastics and cheerleading.


  • Thick vinyl construction
  • Used in a lot of professional gyms worldwide & comes highly recommended
  • handles for easy transportation
  • good variety of sizes


  • Firmer than expected at first, but softens to the ideal level of responsiveness quickly
  • Lots of choice of size, better to choose a larger size rather than too small.


2Tumble Trak Cheese Mat

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The Tumble Trak cheese mat is another professional quality 18oz vinyl mat. What we particularly like about this mat is that they are wider than most cheese mats.  Beginners feel less intimidated by them as they are much less likely to stumble off the edge.

The mat itself feels durable with strong fastened seams that shouldn’t rip even after a lot of use. Its surface can be wiped clean very easily and is not slippery. The Tumble Trak wedge is great for practising different rolls, bridge kickover, and the front handspring off. They can be used for any gymnastic training drills you might want to practice like backbends, splits, handstand rolls or even to try push up hops.

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Surprisingly the Tumbl Trak folding incline mats aren’t too heavy to lift and they also include some Velcro handles. It’s possible to choose from three different colour schemes, black, bright pastel or primary rainbow. We found that the colourful mats are usually chosen for gymnastics or cheerleading and the black mat is good for martial arts training or parkour practice. We prefer the two or three colours contrasting but the colour choice is completely down to personal preference and you’ll be happy with the quality of colour in them all.

The size options for the tumble mat cheese mat are 28x48x14, 30x68x16 or 60x84x16 which are about standard for the angle of incline but are a bit wider than standard. The two smaller mats are a very similar length but the slightly larger one has a steeper incline and is 20 inches wider.


  • Great for gymnastics and cheerleading training drills


  • Some people might prefer a smaller width for ease of storage.


3Best Choice Products Tumbling Wedge ( 37” x 23” x 14” )

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This Best choice products tumbling mat comes in one size ( 37” x 23” x 14” ) this is ideal for a child up to the age of 6 or 7. Although we suggest its most suitable for this age range we have read reports of children up to the age of 10 finding a use for this mat. An older child would only be restricted by its size which might not be suitable for taller children to perform back handsprings but could be used for chin stands or headstands because they don’t require the same length of tumbling wedge a back handspring does.

a great first tumbling wedge for young children starting gymnastics

We like the yellow and blue colours which are pleasant to look at. This mat can’t be folded but it’s size means that is unlikely to be a problem and a mat of this size isn’t usually foldable.  For this smaller size of cheese mat, the best choice tumbling wedge is ideal and a great first tumbling wedge for young children starting gymnastics. Best choice products make some larger mats so if you are unsure whether this cheese mat is big enough it’s worth considering one of the larger mats from this company we have also reviewed and recommended.


4Best Choice Products 71″ x 30″ x 14″ Cheese Mat

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Cheese mats come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is one of the larger mats, which is why it folds into 3 different coloured sections rather than two. If you are looking for a good cheese mat to practice on at home then this is one of the best available. It is firm but still feels safe, has enough padding and  is  durable.  The blue yellow and red colour scheme are pretty and vibrant, so it is appealing to have in your home.

Cheese mats are one of the most valuable purchases you can possibly make for your children looking to progress and improve their gymnastics or cheerleading skills

Cheese mats are great for helping kids to learn a straight arm backward roll to push up position. Sometimes older children who haven’t already learnt this position can struggle and a cheese mat will help them practice keeping both arms straight whilst rolling down the mat. Once they master rolling with the straight arm, practice the move on a flat surface and try finishing with a standing pike fold and build up to landing in a push up position.  Cheese mats are one of the most valuable purchases you can possibly make for your children looking to progress and improve their gymnastics or cheerleading skills.

Overall, we highly recommend this cheese mat, it is constructed from puncture resistant leather that doesn’t absorb liquid so can easily be wiped clean. Storage and transportation of this mat is straightforward because it can fold twice.



5Giantex Incline Gymnastics Mat Tumbling Wedge

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It is not as giant as the name but the Giantex wedge is a well-made durable tumbling wedge that is ideal for home. The size of the Giantex mat is around average, at 48” x 24” x 14” so suitable for most children but probably slightly too small for 10+, although this depends on the height of your child.

The unique feature on the Giantex tumbling wedge is that the lowest point doesn’t reach very close to the floor so is raised more than other mats. We aren’t concerned about this feature but it means that when you roll to the bottom you can sometimes end up noticing the slight raised section more than usual. It is very rare that you would notice it and doesn’t appear to be problematic or make exiting rolls any more challenging.

This folding incline mat can be folded into a square box so can be moved easily. The outer layer is fastened around the inner padding and can be unzipped and removed when you want to clean the product. Overall the quality meets our expected high standards and the colour scheme is as appealing as you would expect from a gymnastics tumbling wedge.

6Goplus Gymnastics Octagon

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This is the point where we stray from the products we intended to recommend and introduce you to an octagon mat . We just couldn’t resist reviewing this octagon mat because it is brilliant for kids looking to practice gymnastics, tumbling or to have fun climbing and rolling over the unique Octagon shape. The marketing for this product targets the pre-school age group, however this is mostly as part of a childrens jungle gym.

If you or your children are looking to practice gymnastics or cheerleading this mat is more than suitable for children up to the age of 10, although this depends on their height, and the purpose. It is especially good for back and front handsprings, although it is quite firm on your back as it is more pointy and sharp than a regular tumbling wedge, however it is usually on offer for a cheap price.

The quality of the PVC sheet is second to none

We felt it was important to include this Goplus product in this list because sometimes it’s nice to try something a little bit different in order to progress and not get bored of practising on the same gymnastics equipment all the time. The quality of the PVC sheet is second to none and it is a non-toxic material and doesn’t taste of anything incase your children get hungry and start to eat it, or a front handspring goes wrong and your face ends up getting closer to the mat than expected.

A lot of people suggested the optimum height for children using this product is around 4-5 foot although smaller children can easily use it for climbing and other exercises. Some cheerleaders found it could also be suitable for children up to 5 foot 5 inches tall.

Overall the Goplus Octagon Mat is high quality, cheap, and will last a very long time even if your children perform 10,000 walkovers and climb over it all day long. Incase something goes wrong the manufacturer gives a great warranty, which is reassuring.

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7Tumbl Trak Octagon Tumbler

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Tumbl Trak have also produced an octagon shaped tumbling wedge that is worthy of our recommendation. This product comes in three different sizes, 20” x 20” x 28” , 24x24x30 and 30” x 30” x 36” so offers a smaller option and a much larger option when compared with the goplus gymnastics octagon.

The design is similar in colour but a little bit more appealing and professional looking. You can move this wedge very easily using the handles although it is quite tall and because of its shape it can be more challenging finding somewhere to store it away, although I doubt your children we let you move it away from them, they will probably want to sleep on it.

helping them correctly perform gymnastics and cheerleading moves

The octagon shape differs from the traditional tumbling wedge because it rolls slightly when you perform back handsprings, front handsprings or any other moves that roll over and come into contact with the mat.

As you travel over the shape of the octagon ensures your body is supported as you roll. It is almost as though someone is supporting your child and helping them correctly perform gymnastics and cheerleading moves by holding a hand out in just the right place underneath.

the width will be the most important measurement

When choosing which size to purchase please consider that the width will be the most important measurement because the product is designed to be laid on it’s side.  We would suggest the smaller version is for younger children and that the middle size should be suitable up until age 7 or 8 and for older children, if they are average or above average height would be best suited to the larger octagon, but get a tape measure out and have a quick look

What can a cheese mat – tumbling wedge be used for ?


  • Gymnastics

A cheese mat is most commonly used by gymnasts who need to master skills that having a mat at home can really help with. it is also possible to pratice on some bars and a beam at home.

  • Cheerleading

A cheerleading tumbling wedge is a great addition to any gym used for cheerleading practice or for practice at the home of anyone who loves cheerleading. Whether you’re the flyer, one of the bases or in one of the spots you are going to need to practice these skills in order to improve and make the team. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t aiming to represent your school or club, you can still have fun cheerleading with friends or by yourself at home. A Cheerleading Tumbling wedge can be used to practice tumbling and also to learn and improve your confidence in moves such as the back handspring.

cheerleaders performing after cheese mat pratice

  • Martial arts

Martial arts athletes performing in Judo, taekwodo and also fighting in MMA or other disciplines can make use of these cheese mats. Usually a padded safety mat is most use for martial arts but a tumbling wedge can also help you practice falling and rolling and encourage your body to feel more comfortable rolling or falling by allowing it to happen more naturally because of the tumbling mats angle.

  • Childrens play

Children and toddlers love to climb onto furniture, swing on monkey bars and explore. A gymnastics incline wedge can also be a lot of fun for younger children who like to practice climbing on them whilst holding your hand. It is also fun to help them roll sideways down the soft slope or do a forward roll with your assistance.

Common Questions and Answers


What are the benefits of having gymnastics equipment for home practice ? 

Gymnastics requires a lot of repetition of a similar set of movements regularly in order to perfect them. If your children are just starting it is a good idea to practice the basics first, such as Cartwheels, handstands  and back bends into the bridge position. A cheese mat offers a cheap way to bring some home gymnastics equipment into your house in order to practice some basic tumbling moves inside the house.


Why do i need a cheer mat ?

A cheer mat is an important tool for practicing cheerleading skills. They are especially useful when children are transitioning from simple forward rolls and cartwheels to more challenging moves like the back handspring which requires more moment and some nerve. A cheer mat can help a child to start to learn how the backhand spring feels and helps generate the motion and momentum required to complete the move more easily.

What is a tumbling class ?

If you want to practice tumbling skills, attending a class is a good idea. These classes are often attended by toddlers who will be shown cartwheels, forward rolls, the front walkover and basics skills necessary to progress on to learning specific cheerleading or gymnastic skills. if your child is young they will enjoy being able to roll and use up their abundance of energy to throw their bodies around in new and unusual positions that are exciting and a great exercise too.

What is a folding gym mat?

A folding gym mat is simply a mat that can fold. With the Mats we have reviewed above, often they fold because they are very big and it is much easier to store them once folded. It can also help with the production of a gym mat, because it is more challenging to construct a large mat and make it as solid and long lasting as is necessary for lots of gymnastic and cheerleading moves as well as any kind of stunts or martial arts being performed using them.

What is tumbling in cheer – What is considered tumbling in cheerleading?

Joining a cheer team doesn’t always mean that you need good tumbling skills. Basic cheerleading can involve moves which resemble dancing rather than specific tumbling techniques and advanced cheerleading can involve moves similar to those that professional gymnasts perform.

Tumbling can involve any kind of movement that involves moving the body in a falling type motion. This usually involves somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, round offs and back handsprings. Handsprings and tucks and some of the most common cheerleading moves but with more advanced teams you’ll find some cheerleaders able to perform a twist.

A lot of the moves in a cheerleading team involves standing tumbling moves that form part of a sequence that also includes building human pyramids and performing acrobatics off the top. The human pyramids aren’t classed as tumbling but the jumps and flips performed off them are tumbling skills and a lot of the running cartwheels and handsprings are tumbling skills.

What do you do in a tumbling class?

Usually a teacher or older pupil will demonstrate various tumbles and will then let you all take turns performing them. sometimes you all have your own mat and can practice simultaneously. A teacher will need to spot ( watch, or keep hold of you as you perform an exercise) children when they first attempt some of these moves to ensure they don’t fall.

What is basic tumbling?

This usually refers to a children’s class where they learn to roll and attempt cartwheels and handstands. These skills are useful for building coordination and a basic skillset necessary to move on to more advanced exercises.


Cheap Gymnastics Mats – Advice For Choosing A Cheap Incline Wedge Mat

If you are looking for the best value incline wedge mat for gymnastics then it can be challenging knowing what to look for in order to make sure you get the best value possible.

We would advise that you make sure to choose the correct size of gymnastics wedge mat because an incline wedge that is too small will have to be upgraded to a larger size as your children grow older and progress with their gymnastics.

The materials these cheese mats are produced from are tough and will last a long time if used for the intended tumbling exercises, therefore the cost is worthwhile and reasonable considering the amount of use your children will get from these mats. Cheap gymnastics mats are available, but we recommend you choose one of these reputable mats for your home because they are much better quality and suitable for gymnastics and cheerleading tumbling practice.


It would be difficult to not be able to justify the fun these cheese mats can bring to your life. Most importantly children will absolutely love them, if they are active and take part in gymnastics or cheerleading. It would be challenging to progress to the competitive or elite level in these sports without one. Even if your children aren’t looking to compete then cheese mats will help build their confidence so they feel more comfortable at the school gym around friends. When your kids are sleeping you might want to lean one against the wall to help you build flexibility for yoga and Pilates or to overcome injuries or even a disability.


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