Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements

level 3 gymnastics requirements

Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements USGA Junior Olympic Program

Gymnasts aren’t required to compete and achieve level 3. Level 3 is the last gymnastics level before compulsory level 4. Level 3 gymnastics requirements include the challenging round-off back handspring which is a lot of fun to compete with and looks really impressive once you’ve mastered it.

After moving up from level 2 a lot of gymnasts find the level 3 requirement to perform a vertical handstand on beam and side handstand dismount off the beam to be challenging but this depends a lot on the gymnasts preferred gymnastics apparatus.

Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements on Vault

🔶 Flat back handstand onto mat stack


➡️ To avoid deductions at level 3 make sure you hold good tight posture during a good strong vertical handstand with your arms straight while supporting the handstand.

⚠️ Failing to maintain a straight body is a common reason for deductions on the level 3 vault.


Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements on Bars

Level 3 gymnastics bars requirements introduce the back hip circle for the first time. the 6 skills included in level 3 bars requirements are more challenging than level 1 and it is a good idea to use skill progressions with your coach to build up the different parts of each gymnastics skill so you can understand each movement and feel the correct form.

In 2018 a perfect 10 was scored 9 times by gymnasts performing a competitive level 3 gymnastics bars routine in 2018


🔶 Single leg squat through

⚠️ Failure to show a straight line from your feet to your shoulder with a hollow body position will result in you losing 0.20 points during your routine.


🔶 Pullover


🔶 Front hip circle

➡️  Make sure you maintain good control when returning to the bar


🔶 Mill circle or Basket swing – single leg.

➡️ The mill circle challenges a lot of level 3 gymnasts. It takes a lot of practice to avoid hooking your leg on the bar. Practice this skill consistently and you’ll never have to have it again after meeting all the level three requirements.


🔶 Underswing dismount

➡️ Keep a nice tight posture with your stomach pulled in tight and shoulders rounded.

➡️ Your head should be straight – Don’t tilt it backwards.

⚠️ Failure to extend your body enough during flight & a low height results in deductions of 0.20 at gymnastics level 3.


🔶 Back hip Circle



Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements on Floor


🔶 Handstand forward roll.


🔶 Split jump ( 90 degree leg separation )


🔶 Handstand -> bridge -> kickover.


🔶 Split leap ( 90 degree split )


🔶 Backward roll into push-up position.


🔶 Round-off back handspring


Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements on Beam

🔶 Straight Jump.


🔶 Handstand.


🔶 Split leap ( 90 degree split )


🔶 Side handstand dismount.


If you have mastered all the gymnastics requirements at level 3 well done! You are now able to move on to level 4 which is the first compulsory gymnastics level. We hope you have enjoyed your gymnastics journey so far. For additional tips and advice at this level check out our recommended gymnastics coaching books.


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