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kids stepping stones

Do your kids love to explore by leaping between objects, balancing on walls and making everyday walks adventurous in any way possible. If they do then they will most likely love playing on these stepping stones for kids. Whether or not you want to add these to your Ninja warrior backyard obstacle course or use them to keep your kids entertained and getting lots of exercise, we are going to show you why stepping stones are fun and give you some advice about the best products available.

Why stepping stones are fun for kids to play on.

Children are still learning about and improving their coordination every day. Being able to balance on one leg can be fun for children who love to hop around, climb and jump. Most play activities and sports require some level of balance and when children have the chance to play on something that requires balance and comes with the risk of falling off, it’s an exciting option.

In a child’s mind even the simplest objects can become the most adventurous challenge as your kids become their favourite superheros or ninjas and leap around bringing the fantasy worlds in their mind into their real life. Stepping stones for kids are usually colourful, soft and come in all different shapes and sizes that can be positioned at ever increasing distances away from each other to make the stepping stone route more challenging.

Our favourite stepping stone kits for children.

Here is a list of the best stepping stones for kids that we could find. We would recommend when choosing which you prefer that you check the age ratings, size and materials used. The stepping stone kits we are going to show you are good quality, fun and produced by reputable brands.


National Geographic Balance Stepping Stones

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National Geographic have made a wonderful set of soft colourful stepping stones that can be used safely by toddlers and older kids. What we like most is that each stone is a different colour. These interesting and bold colours makes the stones much more exciting for children to leap across and play on.

The Creative child awards gave the national geographic balance stepping stones a 2019 product of the year award because of the unique creative design and quality materials that make these stones so much fun.

The idea behind these colourful stones is that they encourage your children to improve their balance and coordination whilst using their imagination to think of fun games and magical worlds that some simple stepping stones can help guide them through. Our kids often play musical stones and don’t touch the ground ( pretending the ground is lava or their are monsters on the ground).

We know safety is important and the foam material is soft but firm enough for jumping and stepping across. It would be great if the stones were a little bit bigger but for young children the surface is a nice and challenging size for them to land onto. Be sure to test out how they react to stepping on them before you first use them, they will grip well on most indoor and outdoor surfaces but always be sure that you check they are holding firm on the surface your children are playing with them on.

Special Supplies Stepping Stones For Kids

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Special supplies have created these interesting multi-colour stepping stones. We like the look of the stones that are a little taller and shaped more vertically and triangular than the National Geographic stones above. Children always love to go fast when leaping along the course so it is important that they don’t slip underneath their feet. The rubber base around the outer edge is thick and underneath the plastic section is raised so you can pile a few stones on top of each other which is super because you can store them away easily.

The set includes 12 jumping stones in 4 sizes ( 2″, 3″, 7″ and 9″  tall ) and lots of different colours that are bright and solid. These aren’t one of the big brand name jumping stone products but offer a good value option that is safe, have good grip and have an interesting ridged design.

Gonge Riverstones


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These Gonge river stones have ridges on either side varying in steepness and the riverstones themselves are different heights and widths. There are 3 small stones and 3 larger so you can scatter them around and place them in any obstacle course to create a better challenge for children to enjoy.

The Gonge River stones are great for improving coordination and balance and the rubber trim is thick and helps to stop the stones from slipping on hard surfaces. One of the best things about these rubber stepping stones is that they can help to build a child’s confidence. Your children can quickly learn to be able to jump different distances accurately, improve coordination and balance.

The hollow Underside is great for piling stones on top of each other if you want to store them away fast and it also stacks up into a crazy fun tower. One of the features we love most about stepping stones is that there are many different ways you can play with them. Children can scatter them around in different positions, place them in a line and travel from one side to the other or they can be placed in a circle. When creating a circle kids can use the stones to chase each other around from Stone to Stone or many children stand in different positions and pass the ball around while bouncing on the stones. Children Love imaginative play and one of the most fun games is to pretend that the ground is lava or something dangerous and they have to find their way across the stepping stones without touching the Dangerous Ground.

The plastics and rubber material is tough when left out in bad weather conditions and doesn’t wear easily. Sometimes when a heavy person stands on the stones they give away a little bit but then they will return back to their normal position.

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