Best Go Karts for kids – Fast and Fun – 2018 reviews

Best go Karts for kids – Buggies, tricycles, pedal power, electric and gas karts reviewed

Best Kids Go Karts
Best Pedal Go Kart
Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart
Best Ride-On
Costzon Go Kart, 4 Wheel Ride on Car, Pedal Powered Ride On Toys for Boys & Girls with Adjustable Seat, Pedal Cart for Kids (Yellow)
Fun Gas Powered Kart
Best Pedal Go Kart
Best Kids Go Karts
Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart
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Best Ride-On
Best Kids Go Karts
Costzon Go Kart, 4 Wheel Ride on Car, Pedal Powered Ride On Toys for Boys & Girls with Adjustable Seat, Pedal Cart for Kids (Yellow)
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Fun Gas Powered Kart
Best Kids Go Karts
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Mum i want a go-kart!!

You’ve been expecting this since you saw your kids friends speed around the neighbourhood having lots of fun.

We, being parents are most concerned about safety and we promise these go-karts we are going to show you are safe and a lot of fun. You can choose from our pedal-power karts and motorised racers.

So, lets get going and see what makes these kids karts so popular

3,2,1 green light… lets begin


1Razor Dune Buggy


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The Razor Dune buggy is an awesome Buggy with a nifty 10mph top speed that is sure to keep the grin on your childrens faces for a very long time. When you are close to the ground and able to turn with the awesome steering on the Razor, things move past you fast and it feels like you are really racing like a Nascar or formula 1 driver.

Fasten the seat belt and speed up or slow down using the hand throttle and brake which are easy to press. The wheels are rubber and strong enough to handle some grassy off road riding in the park or garden while other kids fly kites or throw frisbees.

This is one of the best electric go karts on the market


  • It is made using steel tubing which is much stronger than the plastic karts you often see
  • The spring shock behind the seat makes the ride much more comfortable and smooth even on bumpy ground. 
  • Charge overnight and be ready for an hours worth of karting before it needs charging again
  • 350watt fast electric motor


  • This isn’t an actual dune buggy so don’t be too extreme with it

The price is reasonable for an attractive kids electric kart with a long lasting battery and fast 350watt electric motor. The bucket style seat is very cool and blends well with the racing red paint. Your kids will love the cool racer design that makes the razor feel like a really special treat to drive around.

Our Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5

2Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart – Race Green



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The Hauck Lightning is a fun, fast and easily adjustable pedal go-kart. Hauck are known for getting it right when it comes to kids toys and providing lots of safe fun, and we are impressed with the Lightning model.

Steering is 3 point which makes turning sharp and exciting to handle. With quality rubber wheels grip is great and the racing pedals are easy to pedal on. Your kids can race around like Lewis Hamilton with ease and you also have the added benefit that after a few hours playing they’ll be fit, tired and ready to settle down.

The durable steel tubed frame is solid and you can choose from pink or racing green. We prefer racing green but if your daughter is going to be the princess of the road, it’s nice to have a pink option. The seat is adjustable so different size kids can ride comfortably.






Our Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/5

3Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On


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Razor make some great karts and this drifter is a lot of adrenaline filled fun. With a maximum speed of 12 mph this is quicker than a lot of the smaller karts but this isn’t even the best feature. The race tuned chasis and extra slick rear wheels make drifting around the streets or your garden a possibility. After a couple of attempts you’ll quickly be able to perfect the drift without spinning out.

The white frame is strong and we like the design which looks a bit futuristic. When your kids the hot shoe of the neighbourhood on this fast ground force drifter kart you know they are driving a safe kart that is well designed.

Be sure to drive on the road or pavement, because this low rider is designed to be low and stable so drifting is possible. The Ground Force Drifter won’t drive well on grassy or very rough surfaces. Fast drifting 180 degree turns are possible because of a really good steering wheel and chassis. Steering feels effortless and is very sharp.

One exciting feature is the spark bar which looks great at night, you can see awesome sparks that look realistic as you drift and speed your way along the street. Operation is by hand control for acceleration and braking, so no worrying about having long legs to reach the pedals. If you are karting often the wheels and motor will eventually wear after a long time and can easily be replaced for a low cost.





Our Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7/5

4Razor Crazy Kart


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Yes, the crazy cart looks like something you would expect to see at the funfair. The appearance isn’t the only thing that is crazy about this kids cart, it is really crazy to ride and a lot of fun. Like the previous drifting kart it is possible to drift again, but this time you have more control because of the drift bar which acts like a handbrake.

It is possible to perform 360 spins and controlled drifts with ease, as long as your children can handle the exciting motion which will have them laughing adrenaline filled laughter.

If your kids want a more realistic driving experience there is a foot pedal used to control variable speed acceleration up to 12 mph and the drift handle is used for breaking and drifting. If you remove your foot from the pedal it automatically slows down which is a great safety feature.

For kids love to have fun and aren’t looking for serious racer kart this is a good choice. They will have hours of fun driving sideways and drifting for a long time spinning 360 and feeling all the exciting g forces.


  • Battery charger
  • Flag
  • lap and shoulder strap



Our Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5

5Rollplay Turnado

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The rollplay Turnado ( We hope you enjoyed the name) is as fast as a tornado, ok maybe not quite but it can go 12mph which is fast for children. Charging takes 8-10 hours and a full charge will last for 30 minutes. That doesn’t seem long but karting can be quite physical. Usually people charge it overnight and kids play in the morning and charge it again so they can play later in the afternoon. There is also a second battery included so the kids can race while the other battery charges. Taking out the battery take a few minutes but is easy to do.

The pneumatic wheels have deep tred and glide nicely along a pavement or road surface. One of the most outstanding features is the steering handlebars which react quickly and drive accurately in the direction you want them too, whether this is sideways in a controlled drift or not

This is a very futuristic design that is stylish and innovative but most importantly looks very slick and cool to all the kids. Make sure your little ones use the seat belt and enjoy the comfortable racing style seat safely. Don’t let them drive on grass or rough terrain otherwise they will get stuck.


6Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

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Technically this isn’t a go-kart but its behaves in a very similar way and is a lot of fun.  Pushing the button to start the throttle is realistic and the sound is very cool. Visually the design is futuristic and the front pneumatic wheel that is very strong also looks almost as cool as the Tron motorbike.

Rear caster wheels allows for quick spins and drifting sideways just be sure to be careful when attempting a 360 spin at full speed because it is fast. The caster wheels and frame are sturdy and even small bumps in the road are comfortable to ride over.

Riders up to 120 pounds can jump into the racing seat and race for 30 minutes non stop without needing a charge. We only wish we weighed less than 120 pounds because we really want to drive this electric tricycle.

Accelerate and brake using the handle which stop the tricycle fast. With a powerful electric battery the top speed is a fun 9mph.  This electric tricycle looks the part with the awesome black and yellow custom motorcycle style design and is a lot of fun.

7Coleman Powersport Gas powered off-road go kart


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Coleman are the king of outdoor vehicles, kids quads and camping gear. This is a seriously fast 31mph gas powered go kart that can be used by kids and adults. With the choice of a 196cc engine or the slower 96cc option there is an option for both younger and older kids and adults.

A 4 point safety harness is included and the faster bigger model has two seats so you can drive your kids around if you like spending time outdoors and love adrenaline filled racing thrills.

Coleman use the highest quality parts that don’t require regular maintenance.  This is an automatic go-kart with powerful hydraulic disc brakes that really pack a punch and stop you before you take a turn too quickly or need to stop and avoid an object or animal.

This is one of the best karts around and if you have been racing indoors on a go karting track this is a similar fast speed and the steering is responsive and easy to direct.

Assembly is straightforward and included attaching the seat and the roll-cage which will give you peace of mind when your kids are speeding along. If you love the outdoors and are looking for a powerful fun gas powered kart this is an exceptional choice and will also give your kids a very realistic driving experience which helps for when they eventually have to drive a car. Your camping trips will never have been so exciting as when the family have the Coleman Powersport to ride.

8Trailmaster XRX 200cc Kids Go-Kart

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Trailmaster are experts in suspension systems and this XRX kids buggy has a full suspension system. The standard off road style roll-cage red design looks impressive and is heavy duty in the very unlikely event that you manage to roll over.

Two seats mean kids can drive with their friends or other family members and can be sure of feeling comfortable with the high back head rest seats.

To start this buggy you need to press the button and if necessary there is a pull start option too. you can quickly pick up speeds of just over 30mph which is rapid and very thrilling. You can adjust the distance between seat and pedals from between 31.5″ and 37″ to make sure the pedals are reachable for different height children.

Be aware that assembly can take a couple of hours. most of the parts are all ready in place but you’ll have to attach one of the rear shock absorbers, tyres, steering wheel, battery pack and gas tank. This may sound like you need to be a mechanic to fasten together but you really don’t. Some people experienced problems with the engine and tiny parts missing but the majority of people seem happy with purchasing this kids buggy and when they aren’t a resolution can usually be found.






9Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart


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Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batmaaaaan! Yes that really could be Batman speeding along your driveway peddling hard on the race style pedals. Or maybe it’s your child dressed up as batman and in their own batmobile.

Your kids now the their very own version of the Lincoln Futura batmobile to drive around Gotham city in.. or your driveway, either way it’s a lot of fun.

The design is very well themed with awesome yellow bat mobile logos. Turning is made easy with the 3 point steering wheel that is comfortable for small hands to grip and control.

Anyone age 4 or older can jump onboard and pedal around once they have fastened the adjustable seat into the best position. The wheels are made of solid durable rubber and the main frame is solid metal

Peddling on grass or soil isn’t easy, neither are large hills, but on flat paved ground moving is easy and you’ll enjoy watching your kids race around and pull the handbrake to stop the rear wheels.

If you have young kids who love batman this is a great quality choice of toddler go-kart.


10MotoTec MT-GK-01 Off -Road Go-Kart

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The mototek offroad kart looks very cool. Any children aged 13 or older can drive and you can adjust the speed between 10, 15 and 20mph. This is a chain driven kart with a reverse gear.

A comfortable padded steering wheel is reactive and the seat belt is secure and comfortable.  The bar above the seat acts as a roll bar because of the extra height and steel tubular frame. The wheels are also made of steel and the wheels have thick tred tyres.

If you are looking for a fun fast offroad kart with adjustable speed this is a good choice. You can start off slow and let your kids work there way up to the full 20mph speed when they have mastered the pedal controls.



11Best Choice Products Go-Kart


 Click image to view on Amazon

Best choice products are a well known kids brand who place importance on safety and well made products.

This stealth model is great for younger kids aged 4 or 5. The seat is a nicely shaped bucket seat that is comfortable and looks great compared to some of the other seats we have seen.

These wheels are made of plastic, we prefer rubber but there is a rubber tread in the middle and they are designed for children driving on pavement so thick rubber isn’t always necessary.

The big wheels look very cool and the seat but we aren’t sure about the yellow design at the front. This product has been hit and miss amongst users, with some complaining about Best choice products claim that it can be used by children up to the age of 7 and some people found the seat wasn’t adjustable and that assembly was difficult.

If you manage to purchase a version that is the right size and the parts assemble nicely then this is a fun product, if you have difficulties we are sure best choice products will be happy to help. Either way this isn’t our favourite choice but a lot of people like it and we know best choice products are capable of a lot more, so perhaps updates will improve the design.


12EzyRoller Classic Ride-On


The Easy Rider Harley is a bikers dream bike, let finds out whether the Ezyroller is a kids dream toy. The Ezyroller ride-on is a unique kart that is powered by a fun movement that will give your kids lots of exercise.

Sit back hold the two handles, release the handbrake and place your feet on the footbar. Alternate between pushing your left foot and then right foot creating a sidewinder type motion moving the push-on forward quickly.

The movement is easy to perform and works your legs nicely in a different way than pedaling.

We highly recommend the Ezyrider as being one of our favourite kids ride on toys and great competition for any pedal gokart. Speed can be increased with very little effort and the handbrake is very easy for even the younger toddlers to operate.


  • Amazingly the ezyroller is adjustable for toddlers aged 4 up to teenagers in their early teens or even smaller adults.
  • The maximum weight is a big 150lbs


13Berg Toys Ferrari 150 Italia

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Who would believe there are ferarri go karts for sale because i didn’t. Berg toys are a wonderful company who make lots of exciting pedal go karts. This ferrari go kart is oficially licensed by Ferrari themselves and includes f1 sponsor stickers, awesome front and rear wings and a strong tubular steel construction.

We absolutely love this design, it looks very cool and fast with powder coating to make it durable and the large pneumatic tyres have awesome traction and steer nicely with the swing axle.

Your young Ferarri drivers can pedal both forwards and backwards with the help of a coaster brake. If they love formula one or want to be the coolest fastest kid on the road this is a great choice

Age and weight limits

  • Suitable for ages 3-8
  • maximum weight 150lbs

Age Related Karting Questions and recommendations


Age is an important factor to consider when looking for the best kids karts. Most companies provide a minimum age or an age range which isn’t always accurate because kids grow  into different shapes and sizes. We would recommend reading the reviews of each product and usually the height is mentioned. Younger kids will want to be sure they can reach the throttle and steering wheels whilst older kids need to make sure their legs fit inside the frame.

Choosing a go kart for 6 year old kids.

At 6 years old kids start to get more adventurous in their exploration of the world around them. They have probably seen some kart racing or motorsports on the television so they know how exciting racing can be. Choosing a go kart for 6 year old kids is easy with so many modern safety features and karts that are great fun to drive but also limited to a safe speed for kids to keep up their momentum without risking their safety.

Go karts for 8 year olds – 10 year olds

At 8 to 10 years old a child might start considering faster gas powered go karts if they are sensible, have some experience and a safe environment to drive in.

Advice On Choosing The Best Gas Go Karts For Sale

If you want to  choose the best gas go karts for sale, make sure the gas powered kids go kart you choose has all the safety features available in a modern kart. Check for a seatbelt strap, strong disc brakes, reactive steering column and that the chassis is high quality.

How fast does a kids go kart go?

A go kart that is suitable for kids and youths can vary a lot in speed. Some karts have a governor so the speed can be reduced and increased depending on the kids driving ability. Older children and youths can drive go karts that are fast and can reach speed up to 30kph+. Be sure that your kids are driving their high speed go karts careful and are buckled in safely before putting the pedal to the metal and seeing how fast their go kart can go.

Ferrari go karts for sale

The Berg toys Ferrari Go kart we have reviewed above is one of very few Ferrari go karts for sale. Every child dreams of driving a fast red Ferrari around the yard and now they really can.


Team Sport Go Karting

Wikipedia Kart Racing


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