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Gymnastics Beam Review


The balance beam is one of our favourite pieces of gymnastics equipment for using at home. We especially love watching the world’s greatest gymnasts perform beam routines at the Olympics.

It is fun to watch and perform on the floor or on gymnastics bars but the beam is only 4 inches wide and gymnasts are performing combinations including difficult skills such as the aerial cartwheel, 2 ½ turn tuck stand and the backhand spring step out.

Try perfecting these on the floor and you’ll find It difficult but on a 4-inch beam it’s so impressive to watch and learn and your kids will really feel a sense of achievement when they learn any new beam skills.


1The Beam Store 8′ Suede Balance Beam

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The beam store are well known amongst gymnasts for producing some quality beams for home practice. This beam is 8 foot long and 4 inch regulation width with a 7 inch high beam surface. Being a low profile beam, means this beam sits on supports which are a few inches high, therefore making the total height not more than 10-12 inches off the ground and ideal for fitting into your house.

Because the beam doesn’t sit high off the ground it means that stability is very good and the beam won’t start rocking with use. If your ceiling isn’t high this is also advantageous if your young gymnasts are practicing cartwheels, handstands or other exercises that extend their full height above the beam. The low height means that you can’t perform dismounts but can still practice all the other beam skills necessary through the levels.

It is made of solid wood which is covered with a suede cloth so it feels very much like a competition beam and is comfortable to stand on and you won’t slip because your feet will grip well onto this surface.

You have to attach the legs, but this is very easy to do and the beam itself it quite heavy, which is a good thing because you can trust it will support a lot of beam practice if your children are working through the levels.

If you are using this on a hard tiles floor or wooden floor it is worth putting something underneath the legs to make sure they don’t scratch your floor because this is a heavy-duty quality piece of equipment.

If your special gymnast has a favourite colour, there are 7 to choose from including grey, leopard, pink, lime, purple, royal blue and tan. Our favourite is the purple beam but pink looks very cute and is very popular.

Weight Limit250lb  can support children of all ages and adults have used this beam store beam at home with no problems



2Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance Beam


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The Brianna Balance Beam is one of the best available for using at home or the gym. The wooden construction and synthetic suede covering mean that it is very solid and comfortable to practice and perform on. Your gymnasts will be well prepared for their next competition meet.

No tools are required for assembly, you can simply slot the beam into the wooden legs and it is very secure. The Brianna beam has been designed so that it is possible to easily connect two together in order to form a full length 16ft beam.

The bases are wooden but also covered in foam (and a choice of pink or purple bling ) so they are safe to place against a wall when not being used or if you accidentally hit against them it offers some protection.

This is a great beam that is more than adequate for working up to the higher levels. You’ll have to practice your dismounts on a different beam but this is great for everything else and if you really need to practice dismounts check out one of the height adjustable beams we have reviewed in this article.

Height – 7 inches from ground to top of beam

Width – 4 inches wide.



3Nimble Sports Height Adjustable Balance Beam

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We are familiar with nimble sports quality gymnastics bars and customer service, so had high expectations when looking at their beam. Not many gymnastics brands offer an adjustable height beam for sale that can be used at home, so this is a popular choice.

The height can be adjusted to 5 different positions between 14 and 24 inches high. You have to make sure you have a large enough room and that the ceiling is high enough if you are going to use the highest setting.

Regulation height for the Olympics and elite competitions is approximately 49 inches so this is only half that height, but more than adequate for practicing on because not many homes would be able to fit a 49-inch-high 16 foot long beam in and you would have to have plenty of mats for protection and a thick landing mat.

This is constructed with wood which is always a good sign and the padding is foam. It doesn’t feel the same as a competition beam but it is good quality and as good as any home beams.

This Height adjustable beam is available in Tan, Pink and purple colours. Tan is the colour most similar to a competition beam but we think the purple and pink are more fun for at home and your kids are most likely to prefer them.



4Ajeta folding beam with carry bag

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Everybody seems to love the Ajeta beam at the moment. We know it can be hard to find foldable beams that are still strong enough to perform on but Ajeta seem to have solved that problem and included a bag for easy transportation.

The Ajeta has been made with a very solid firm foam that has just enough movement to not be too hard. If you are looking for a foldable practice beam that is as close to the real deal competition beam as possible then this is definitely the best portable choice.

Produced using non-slip EVA foam this is a great choice for any young gymnast looking to spend extra time at home practicing and having fun

The 4inch height and competition standard 4 inch width is great and it is possible to perform handsprings, cartwheels and work up the levels using the Ajeta.

This is definitely one of our favourite beams and it is highly recommended especially because of how solid and portable it is while still maintaining a nice surface and a very solid foam platform to perform gymnastics on.

  • It fits easily into the included bag
  • Excellent value for money
  • Solid foam construction for brilliant responsiveness



5Z athletic Training Beam

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The Z athletic is a low beam that sits directly on the floor. They recommend it is best used on a carpeted surface but we think it would be possible to use it safely on other surfaces if you are careful to make sure it doesn’t slide along the floor.

We like the suede surface that feels nice to stand on. Some people were concerned it was a little bit slippery but most people have had no problems at all and suede is known to be a nice surface to grip onto.

The beam is made of high density foam and is quite solid but has just a little bit of softness that mean the feet sink ever so slightly.

The z athletic folds in half easily and we like the fact that it doesn’t have any legs and sits directly on the floor. Beginners especially love to work through lower level moves like the pike and stretch jump and the popular cartwheel. The low height means beginners feel more confident and it is safer for them to use.



6Jubersky Half folding Beam

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We hadn’t heard of Jubersky before but they seem to have succeed in producing a folding beam that doesn’t squish and stays firm under foot.

There is a Velcro fastener at the end so if you want it is possible to join 2 together and make a full 16 foot beam. We aren’t sure how well they will connect but the section where the Jubersky folds in half is solid and folds together tight so there is no noticeable gap.

It is possible to attempt handstands, a back handspring or back walkovers and feel like the surface is nice to work off, especially with the suede covering. The Jubersky is lightweight so very easy to move around, even your kids should be able to easily move it after they have finished their gymnastics practice.

At only 2 inches above the ground, this is one of the lowest beams we have come across. It doesn’t make much difference whether it is 2 or 4 inches of the ground so it shouldn’t make much difference, it isn’t possible to dismount or hold the sides of a low floor beam anyway.

If your kids are looking to start gymnastics or need some extra practice this is a great choice. In an ideal situation it would be nice to have a higher beam or a wooden beam which is usually firmer and reacts exactly like the competition beams.

We really like the blue pink and violet colours and the fact that you can join as many of these together as you like is fantastic.

 We believe Jubersky are going to become even more popular soon and hope they carry on making quality gymnastics equipment.


7We Sell Mats 9′ Folding Floor Balance Beam



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A lot of the beams for sale for use at home are 8-foot-long but We Sell Mats folding floor beam is 9 feet long. Don’t worry about finding enough room because it can be folded in half and stored away easily.

The top surface is the gymnastics competition standard 4 inch width and covered with 18oz vinyl. Vinyl feels quite similar to the suede cover, perhaps very slightly firmer on the surface but underneath is a softer foam core. In warmer weather a vinyl surface could become a little stickier than suede but we haven’t seen many reports of people experiencing this and when they have it hasn’t been problematic. When a gymnast tries out new beams they quickly become used to the surface and know how it feels and how grippy it is and naturally adjust when necessary.

When moving along the beam it feels responsive for both hands and feet but they do sink into the surface a little bit more than we would like. Most people find this beam great for beginners and younger gymnasts starting out, but it is still worth considering something more solid.

This we sell mats beam is ideal for a beginner or somebody working through the lower levels practicing the arabesque, lever, cartwheels etc, but probably doesn’t have the stability for someone looking to exactly replicate a real life beam in terms of its rigidity and surface stability.

This is partly due to the way it folds, so if you are having to try and practice gymnastics in a smaller space or in your living room, this is a good feature because it can be quickly folded to half the size, but you will have to compromise a little bit with the surface which isn’t as firm.

Again, the choice of colours is great and they are so vibrant and beautiful. Overall this is a good safe and soft beginners beam but it isn’t ideal if your child is moving up the gymnastics levels and needs to start performing back handsprings and more complicated and difficult moves where a really solid beam is more important. If you like this beam then go for it, it looks great and if you prefer a very soft surface then this is a good choice but we would recommend something firmer.



How much does a balance beam cost?


You can buy one for between $70 for a cheaper version that is likely to be made of foam or less solid and up to $250+ for a top of the range wooden beam.


What length is a regulation beam?


16 foot is the official competition and Olympic gymnastics length. Often gymnasts practice on a shorter 8 foot version which can fit into most homes and less room in the gym. The full 16 foot isn’t necessary at first until you begin to learn more complex combinations in your routines and need the extra space for back handsprings as you grow taller.


Gymnastic level requirements for the beam – Level Skills


Level 1

Jump to front support mount

Pike lying position

Releve balance (held for 2 seconds)

Arabesque to 30 degrees

Forward leg swings

Lever (held for 1 second)

Leg balance in forward passé

Stretch jump

Cartwheel from kneeling position to ¾ handstand dismount.


Level 2

Jump to front support mount

Whip swing to push up position followed by jump to tuck stand

Hold Arabesque for 1 second at 30 degrees

Forward leg swing / backward leg swing.

Lever to beam

Leg balance in forward passe held for 2 seconds.

180 degrees pivot

Stretch jump

Cartwheel into side handstand dismount



Level 3 requirements

 Leg swing mount with 180° turn

Cross handstand

Rond de Jambe – arabesque hold for 1 second at 45 degrees

Straight leg 90 degrees leap

Stretch jump

180 degrees pivot turn

Heel snap turn

Cartwheel into side handstand with a 90 degree turn dismount


Level 4 requirements

 Leg swing mount with 180 turn

Arabesque to a minimum of 45° below horizontal

Scale hold for 1 second

Straight leg leap 120°

Cross handstand held for 1 second

Split jump

Stretch jump

Forward passé turn

Cartwheel into side handstand held for 1 second

90 degrees dismount.


Level 5 requirements


Leg swing mount with half turn

Back walkover

Back handspring

Arabesque minimum of 45° below horizontal

Scale held for 2 seconds

Straight leg leap

Stretch Jump

Cross Handstand held for 2 seconds

Split Jump 150


360 degrees turn in forward passé

Cartwheel to side handstand held for 2 seconds with 90 degree turn


How to use a balance beam for home practice


Make sure your children have attended classes and ideally are still attending them regularly in order to be shown the correct routines and skills necessary to perform on the beam at home.


When practicing gymnastics at home it is very important to make sure your children have a safe place to practice where you can keep an eye on them. Be sure to purchase a gymnastics mat for protection and also to practice other floor skills on. Place any equipment far enough away from any furniture and walls and make sure there is a safe area to fall, because balancing is a challenging skill to learn and when your kids are trying to improve and learn new skills they are going to fall until eventually they get it right.

What is a balance beam made of?




We love gymnastics and to put it simply, the best gymnastics beam is a lot of fun but also a very highly skilled exercise. Whether your young gymnasts are trying out for the team or hoping to win their next meet, having one of these beams at home can really help them to practice their balancing skills and move towards learning some advanced acrobatics and hopefully level 5+ skills as they grow older and gain more gymnastics experience.


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