Best Bath Toys For Toddlers – Top 10

Best Bath Toys For Toddlers Top 10

We hope our list of the best bath toys for toddlers will help you choose some exciting new toys for your children and encourage imaginative play. Whether your children love the bath or hate it, having some exciting toys to play with will always make bath time more fun.

Encouraging your beautiful children to let you wash their hair or face isn’t always easy and often involves some tears. Place some exciting new toys in front of your kids and bath time can be much more fun for your whole family.

*** These toys meet strict safety standards but please always supervise your children when they are bathing, especially when they have toys ***


1Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

                                                Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7 / 5

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This small purple Nuby Octopus is the perfect size for toddlers to be able to lift and move around the bath. We love that the smiley happy octopus can float and its tentacles look realistic. Some fine attention to detail means there are even some small blue Octopus suckers on the tentacles.


Included with the product are 3 hoops which can be thrown onto the tentacles as part of a fun game that improves coordination skills. We found kids often love to hook the rings on and take them off again. For a toddler this is very exciting.

star and fish shaped rings look great

A rubber yellow and red themed life ring hoop is the best for throwing onto the tentacles. The star and fish shaped rings look great but the gap in the centre is smaller and they don’t easily fit onto the tentacles. If your toddler is nervous in water, the octopus is a new friendly face that’ll comfort them. Nuby octopus will gently float around the bath, meaning your children won’t lose him under the water, he is always there ready to play.


  • very good value price
  • good quality
  • great attention to detail and good fun
  • Bpa free
  • Water can’t get trapped so won’t encourage mould.


  • Two of the rings offer a more difficult challenge when trying to throw them onto the tentacles.


2Crayola Color Bath Dropz

 Our Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5  Good value $$

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Its time to let your kids have a colourful bath. Instead of a not-very-exciting water coloured bath, drop a Crayola color bath dropz tablet into the water. As soon as you do the water will change colour into the brightest most exciting variation of blue, green and red colours you can imagine.

magically change colour

Kids love to have a favourite colour, so let them choose which they like best and drop it into the bath themselves and watch the water magically change colour. Dropping different tablets into the water together will result in more interesting and fun colour combinations.

It is likely that the colours will be slightly mixed after the tub has been shaken around a bit, so you never know what exact tone or colour you are going to see.

You’ll want to know whether your whole bath is going to change colour and if you will end up with blue coloured children. The answer is that nothing will be stained by these tablets. Your children, the white bath tub, white towel and anything else will remain white. It’s amazing but brilliant how the bath can appear so bright and colourful yet they don’t change the colour of your finest bath towels.



3Yookidoo Bath Toys Submarine Spray Station

Our Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5

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The Yookidoo submarine is one of the best bathtub toys and is a creative and unique design. Attach the funnel section with the funny goggle eyes to the side of your bath using the suction pads. Children can then choose to fill one of the two funnels with water. Pouring water in the left funnel causes the eyes to rotate around and make your children giggle while water sprays out of the toys mouth.

Between the two funnel sections is a tube with small holes in it that causes water to sprinkle out into the bath. To the right hand side is another funnel. Fill this and a realistic red water wheel will spin around

how are we going to fill the funnels with water?.

We are going to answer this question by telling you about the best feature of this Yookidoo submarine spray station. There is a cool yellow submarine, inside which batteries can be placed. The submarine then floats in your kids bathtub and if your children hold the tube attached to it, they can Spray water continuously through the small diver shaped character.

We love that the pump works well and so much fun can be had spraying water into the funnels or at other children. The water pump isn’t too powerful so water flows out nicely.

The Yakidoo submarine helps kids make connections between actions they take and the effect this has on objects. Children learn through this kind of exciting experimentation and play. Yakidoo bath toys have a good reputation and make good quality products for children.




4Bath Toy – Stack N’ Spray Bathtub Fountain


The stack N Spray bathtub fountain is one of the best bath toys for toddlers who love fun hands on water toys. We love that this magical fountain can float or be sucked to the bottom of your bath using an extendable suction cup. There are lots of eyes on the fountains different layers. Water can fill and squirt from lots of places in different exciting ways.

We think the included characters look like minions and children love that they are cute and each have their own fun characteristics. When water sprays from the top the sprinkle effect is thrilling but can be changed by stacking the boats in a different order creating more exciting effects.

In order to get the water to spray place the minion shaped characters on base sections and watch the fun begin. A battery is required in order for the water to flow upwards to the top of the fountain.

The colours and design are great and this is sure to excite your children and make bath time fun.



5Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

Our Rating  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5

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The green toys ferry boat bathtub toy is a quality enjoyable toy for kids who love boats and realistic play. The product is made from recycled plastic and produced in the USA. Quality is second to none and the product is very durable and well made.

We were amazed by the size of this boat. It’s much bigger than you’d expect and includes two cars which are ready to drive up the ramp and board the boat for some exciting adventures.

Once your children have captained and sailed the boat around the bath for a while the ramp easily slides down and allows the cars to drive off and then back on again and off and on, until it’s bed time.

Great Care and attention to detail has clearly been taken in the production of this Boat and the cars look realistic. This product will last a long time and the functionality of the cars and boat mean that they are just as exciting to play with out of the bath too.



6Munchkin Bath Toy, School of Fish

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The Munchkin school of fish is one of the best bath toys for toddlers who would like 3 new colourful fish friends to join them in the bath. Each of the three, green orange and blue fish are unique and fun in their own way.

The blue fish is cheeky, has a sailors cap and is being silly winking at you. Maybe your kids will like to practice their winking skills, this is always funny for the whole family.

The orange fish is a pretty girl fish with a purple ribbon in her hair. Her lips are pouted and she looks happy and friendly. She obviously hasn’t jumped into the included yellow boat and been tipped upside down by your kids yet.

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The green fish has a nice hairstyle and some smart glasses. All the fish have a backpack on and are ready to go to school. We know that the green fish is probably top of the class!

They can all have fun together in the yellow boat that floats and can sail them across your bath to fishy school. The Munchkin school of fish bath toy is great value for money considering the quality and detailed characters.



7The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys, The Little Mermaid

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This First years Disney little mermaid baby bath tub toys includes three characters from the Disney film. Ariel Flounder and Sebastian are going to take over parenting duty tonight and entertain your kids in the bathtub. These toys have been designed with toddlers in mind.

Each of the characters is colourful and realistic just as though they have been plucked straight out of the film itself. They are roughly 4 inches tall and less than 4 inches wide so fit nicely into a toddler’s hand. Water can be squirted into the bath tub if the toy is squeezed and filled.

 exciting and fun to play

Because infants love to touch and feel new textures, the different shapes of the claws, fins, tail and mermaid hair are exciting and fun to play with. Children love to hold and feel, which is often even more exciting than attempting to learn to squirt water.

When not filled with water Flounder and Sebastian will float upright whereas Ariel float like a mermaid on her side These infant bathtub toys are bright and colourful, very cheap to buy and made of thick quality plastic.

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8SwimWays Finding Dory Mr Ray’s Dive and Catch

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Swimways Mr Rays Dive and catch is one of the best bath toys for toddlers who love Finding dory. Babies and toddlers can use Mr Ray’s fishing net to catch Dory, Nemo, Pearl, Sheldon and Kathy.

The 5 characters are small but come in different shapes and sizes and are very colourful. It’s almost like turning your bath into a tropical fish tank. Turn your taps and place these toys into the water. The challenge then begins because some float and some sink. Fishing the floating characters out is fun but searching underwater provides kids with a real play adventure.

finally find Nemo

Good hand-eye coordination is developed through moving the net in position and timing the catch perfectly so you can finally find Nemo! We like the design, especially because the characters don’t have holes in so can be kept clean and no mould will develop.

Tub toys that are based on films offer children the chance to imagine themselves in the film and begin some fun creative play.


9Moluk Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy

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The Moluk Plui rain cloud tub toy is a unique idea that is brilliant yet very simple. Babies and Toddlers will love this cloud shaped toy that actually drops rain water from the holes in the bottom.

Turn the cloud upside down and fill it with water within 13 seconds, once turned around it will rain water into your children’s bath for over 8 seconds. Children can learn how water turns into rain and can put their finger over the hole at the top and stop and start the rain as they play.

Click image to view parents reviews and current price on Amazon




10Mini Rubber Ducky Baby Bath Toy 50-Pack

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What could be more exciting than filling your tub with over 50 rubber ducks! These rubber ducks are tiny, so be sure to supervise your kids if they are teething or like to chew on things. Fill the bath with 50 cute little ducks and your kids will love you forever.


11Boon Building Bath Pipes

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You don’t need to hire a plumber ever again. Your toddlers have now become qualified plumbers thanks to the awesome Boon building bath pipes that allow kids to pratice their plumbing skills in the bath

Each of the 5 pipes that come in different colours, shapes and sizes can be attached to the side of the bath using the suction pads. Attach them separately and let your toddlers learn the colours by selecting a colour and aksing them to fill that pipe with water

If they really love to build and play it is possible to connect the pipes together to create one long curvy tube to pour water through

Thankfully, the water drips straight back into the bath and the suction pads are very good so the pipes will stick to the side of the bath for lots of fun bath games.

The pipes are different shapes and to make things more exciting and fun for the kids one pipe has a spinning water wheel and another has a spiral section.

Bath safety

Preschoolers love bath time toys but when it’s time to jump into the tub and play make sure your kids are safe. Supervision is extremely important because children can quickly drown if left unsupervised. Baths can become slippery so be sure children don’t stand up and risk slipping.

Although designed with safety in mind and with most products having passed safety regulations, Even the best baby bath toys can potentially be dangerous if you aren’t watching your kids carefully. Check out the Baby Center tips for safe bathing .

We have tried to ensure all our recommended products are hygienic bath toys and are hole free where possible so that they are much more likely to be mold resistant



We hope you have enjoyed reading about the best bath toys for toddlers. Children learn to love the bath when they know their favourite fun tub toys are waiting for them. Sometimes they won’t want to get out.

Once they do and you’ve read a bedtime story and settled them off to a wonderful dream filled sleep. We know that as you enjoy your candle lit bath, you won’t be able to help popping in a few of the Crayola color bath dropz or fishing out Nemo and friends using the net.

Whether it’s your kids or you playing with these toys, everyone can laugh, splash and learn new skills whilst having loads of fun.

The products we have recommended are all hygienic bath toys and some of them are great to play with in a kids water table

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